M City 2 Townhouse Collection

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M City 2 Townhouse Collection & Penthouse Collection M City 2 Townhouse Collection & Penthouse Collection Now on Sale M City 2 Townhouse Collection and Penthouse Collection has been released for M City's Tower 2 at Square One, Mississauga. M City Project is one [...]

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Buy or Rent

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To Buy or Rent in Mississauga Math What's better in today's market- To Buy or Rent in Mississauga? To buy or rent in Mississauga often poses a big dilemma not only for newcomers, but for most first time buyers. While there is a definite feeling [...]

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Ontario Rental Housing Shortage

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Ontario Rental Housing Shortage Some reasons for Ontario Rental Housing Shortage Annual rent hike cap - Is it a concern for landlord investors or not? Ontario annual rent hike cap has received some criticism since the new rental rules were announced by the Ontario Government.  There is [...]

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Condominium Authority of Ontario

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Condominium Authority of Ontario Condominium Authority of Ontario Condominium Authority of Ontario, (CAO) is the new authority to protect condo residents. Ontario is also implementing new protections for condo communities, which will take effect this fall. Changes will include new disclosure requirements for directors, such [...]

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Utility Submetering in Condos

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Utility Submetering in Condos Utility Submetering in Condos - A new and growing trend Utility submetering in condos allows separate meters for utilities like gas, water and hydro consumption. Sometimes it is a lot easier to achieve this when a builder takes over this task before the [...]

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