Rent to Buy Mississauga Condos

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Rent to Buy Rent to buy can suit many consumers Toronto Mississauga condo investors, who do not want to sell their condos in today’s market, may consider leasing with an option to sell at a later date. A lease to buy option allows a qualified [...]

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After all its your money!

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Emperor Akbar (1542-1605), gave three coins to his minister Birbal, and asked him to spend them in such a way that when he spends each coin, the effects should be felt here (in this world), there (in heaven) and neither here; nor there. Birbal being the [...]

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Renting Property without Discriminating

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Renting Property in Ontario Renting out a secondary suite in your home is a great way to help pay your housing expenses if you have more room in the house than you need. But many small landlords don't realize they are running discriminatory housing advertisements for [...]

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Renting comes with responsibility

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Renting Comes With Responsibility - Take Caution! Renting in Mississauga or elsewhere in the GTA Are you thinking of renting your property? Recently, one of my clients, a young professional real estate investor, asked me on how one could go about inspecting their rental condos. [...]

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Rental Markets as per CMHC- A synopsis

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Vacancy rates are down in the entire GTA, thanks to rebound in employment, a high level of immigration, and the rising cost of renting units in the condominium market. The most influential underlying force was the slowdown in demand for buying homes. Fewer first time buyers [...]

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