Own or Rent?

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Study Shows Location and Discipline Key A study by the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia concludes that on average, Canadians who own their homes become wealthier over time than renters. "It's not that renters cannot build wealth similar to that of [...]

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Landlord Tenant FAQ

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Landlord Tenant Services in Mississauga Landlord Tenant Frequently Asked Questions Renting is a part of my job like any other real estate professional. Renting is even more popular in the condo market, where almost 70 percent or more properties are owned by investors. There are many ways that landlords [...]

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The Condo Solution: To Rent or Buy?

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If you are renting because you believe it's cheaper than buying a home, it's time to take a close look at your math. Current interest rates make mortgage payments equivalent to or lower than rents in many areas. At the end of a tenancy, you have [...]

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CMHC rental market summary for condominiums

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CMHC defines condominium rentals as the secondary rental market. They include condominiums offered on rent as well as the following additional housing units that are rented, namely- single-detached houses; semi-detached; freehold row/town houses; duplex apartments; accessory apartments; apartments which are part of a commercial or other type [...]

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Lease-To-Buy May Be Good Option

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Many people who are struggling to get mortgages are finding comfort in a growing trend: lease-options. This is a contract that allows renters to lease the property and, at the end of their lease, they have the option to buy the home. Hopeful buyers with poor [...]

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Mississauga Rental Market

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TREB's Rental Market Report (May to Aug 2008) Both leased transactions through the TorontoMLS system and monthly rents achieved in these transactions climbed in the second four-month period of 2008. Total units rented came to 4,297 (apartments and townhouses), up 12 per cent over the same timeframe [...]

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