How much Down Payment do I make, & how does it impact Mortgage?

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Canadian residents and Permanent Residents who wants to buy a property in Canada without a down payment of at least 20 per cent of the purchase price is usually required to get mortgage loan insurance from the CMHC, which requires a smaller down payment of 5 [...]

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What can buyers expect from you as their Realtor?

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Apart from the general advantage of dealing with the reliable backing of RE/MAX (#1 Real Estate Company in Canada), the first thing you can expect from our team is TOP RESULTS! We address your queries with patience and attention to your needs and give you valuable [...]

Do we need to sign a buyer agency contract?

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Yes, that would be a necessity! Feel free to browse through our client reviews online for further information on us and our premium services. If you’re a previous client, we are happy to defer signing the buyer agency contract for later. Trust is the foundation for [...]

Do you offer free consultation?

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Yes, we offer about 30 to 45 minutes consultation absolutely free. Feel free to contact Team Amit Kalia today. We can meet at our RE/MAX office that’s conveniently located in Mississauga City Centre, near the SQ ONE mall.

How much do you charge from buyers?

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Please remember that buyers do not pay any fee; only sellers pay real estate commission. Sometimes, buyers pay a fee to my brokerage when they hire our services to invest in a “sale by owner property”. Buyers rely on us for many reasons: for accurate price [...]

What is the average price of a home in the GTA?

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The average price of detached home in Mississauga as per TREB’s Aug 2017 stats is $1,066,015. Average Price of a Condo Apartment is $381,154 (Aug 2017). See Toronto Real Estate Board’s report. Prices are higher in downtown Toronto. Prices also depend on location and type of [...]