As a tenant, can I sub lease a room on Airbnb?

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Without permission from your landlord, you will not be able to sublet a room or part of the property you lease. Cities are allowing Airbnb rentals for owners who are looking to rent out a portion of their home or condo. As a renter, you must [...]

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Can I smoke marijuana in my unit?

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Smoking is prohibited inside units at all times. Marijuana laws are changing for 2018. Contact your condo board and look into your lease agreement if you will be allowed to smoke marijuana in your Mississauga condo.

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Does buying a property make sense over renting?

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If you have 5% down payment, a good credit and job, then yes, buying a property can make better sense over renting a freehold home or condo. You can read about more about Renting vs. Buying. I will help you make an informed decision and make the whole process [...]

Can landlords evict a tenant?

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Landlords can evict a tenant renting for non payment of rent at any time. Landlords can also evict tenants at the end of their lease term if the landlord wants sell the place, or want the place for their own or for his/her immediate family or someone who will [...]

What are the rental contract terms?

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The lease or rental contract terms are made to protect the landlords as well as the tenants in accordance with the laws of Ontario. They cover various elements of the rental property, like: responsibility for payment of utility bills, repairs, maintenance work, resident’s compliance with condominium building [...]