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If you have 5% down payment, a good credit and job, then yes, buying a property can make better sense over renting a freehold home or condo. You can read about more about Renting vs. Buying. I will help you make an informed decision and make the whole process much easier for you.

As long as both parties agree to this arrangement, it is possible for  a tenant to buy the landlord’s property. Brokerage fees may be required to be paid by tenants living in rental homes or condos, if this was indicated in the original listing agreement for lease. A tenant may be able to purchase landlord’s property through the lease to buy option.

Landlords can evict a tenant renting for non payment of rent at any time. Landlords can also evict tenants at the end of their lease term if the landlord wants sell the place, or want the place for their own or for his/her immediate family or someone who will provide care services to the landlord or a member of the landlord’s immediate family, if the person who will be receiving the care services lives in the same building or complex.

The lease or rental contract terms are made to protect the landlords as well as the tenants in accordance with the laws of Ontario. They cover various elements of the rental property, like: responsibility for payment of utility bills, repairs, maintenance work, resident’s compliance with condominium building by-laws, unit and tenant’s content insurance, smoking and pet policy, rent increase, making the unit available for showings to the next tenants or buyers at the end of the lease term etc.

My job ends once the rental lease has been signed to everyone’s satisfaction, accepted and the landlord and tenant meet each other. If you are a landlord investing in a rental property with me, and would like to be hassle-free by not having to deal with any landlord/ tenant issues, you can make use of my property management services in Mississauga  and area (conditions apply).

There is a whole process of due diligence that is followed, which includes : getting the tenant to fill out a rental application form, cross-checking on tenant’s credit history, verifying job or referrals of the prospective tenant. For newcomers or new immigrants, who have no job or credit history in Canada, the tenants are courteously asked to show a proof of available funds that will give landlords the confidence about receiving rent regularly. Newcomers are also asked to bring a reference letter from the previous bank from the last country of their residence. In some cases, tenants may also be required to provide a guarantor in Canada with a good job and credit history.

I keep an active database of prospective tenants. My team pre-screens the tenants and these tenants gain the first opportunity to lease properties of my landlords. I additionally list the property for lease on the MLS Listing Service and other websites.

If you are a tenant looking to rent in Mississauga, you will not pay any fees to my brokerage. Landlords pay the renting fee as commission to the brokerage. If the lease is for one year, the standard commission is one month’s rent plus HST. The tenant has to pay first and last month’s rent in advance to the listing brokerage. The brokerage deducts one month’s rent with tax, and pays the balance to the landlord. On behalf of the landlord, I will also ask you as a tenant to give post-dated cheques for the balance term of the lease.

No. We work with qualified tenants only. My team member will show you few properties in a day and you will choose one of the properties from our shortlisted properties. So no buyer agency contract is necessary.

On an average monthly rent of a 1 BR condo apartment is $1,400, 2 BR is $1,700 for up to 1,000 sq. ft., 3 BR is $2,000 for up to 1200 sq ft. A 3BR townhouse or a semi rents rent for $1,800 per month and a 4 BR detached home of 2,500 sq. ft. rents for $2,500 per month. Estimate some $100 per month in hydro bills for a condo apartment and $300 per month for utility bills for a townhouse, a semi or a detached home of up to 2000 sq. ft.

Landlords look out for a good credit score, income proof, past landlord references and other references.

At this moment, I offer tenant service in the City of Mississauga only. On the other hand, I do represent landlords (not tenants) outside Mississauga.

Currently I represent more than 70 landlords and this number is growing with each day.

Absolutely, that’s a major part of real estate investment business.

My job involves assisting you with bank approval process, property selection, lawyer’s due diligence, financial due diligence and property management services.

It depends on the property value and how much banks want to lend you. In general, residential investment properties can be bought for as little as 20 percent down, as long as banks qualify you based on income and your debt to equity ratio. For vacant land, you are looking at full cash down. If you are buying a business for sale, you may required to pay 35% to 40% down payment. Plus, you can be asked to pay your own cash towards the goodwill money. We work with lenders who might also fund 50% of goodwill money, based on the type of business, cash-flow and other financial analysis.

I can offer you both residential and commercial properties. Freehold homes, condo apartments, townhouses, builder new construction, vacant land, offices, multi-storey, student housing, strip plazas, gas stations, small businesses, franchise operations, motels, hotels, you name it.

Certainly! You’re under no obligation to me. End of the day, your success and satisfaction is responsible for my success and satisfaction. Call me to clear any further queries. Come over to get your marketing strategy rolling. Allow me to have you sail smoothly through your sale.

Sure, we can discuss more in detail when we meet.

Sure, with pleasure! Feel free to also read up on my testimonials online; check me out on Google,,, LinkedIn, Yelp and other Internet websites. I believe that the more you know about me the more confidence you will have in my services.

  • RE/MAX sells one-third of all homes in Canada. Can there be a bigger or better reason to put your faith and trust in us to list your property with a award winning Re/Max Realtor?
  • I deliver Results! As per 2015 TREB stats, I am top 1% realtor in Mississauga including Square One area by the number of transactions.
  • When you list property with me, your home will receive superior marketing & home staging services, astute negotiating skills & years of local experience.
  • More reasons to list property-My web savvy marketing includes top search engines ranking, YouTube video marketing, social media engagement, and effective sales strategies through an impressive, highly responsive website helps in selling your home for top dollars.
  • My excellent relationship with hundreds of fellow Realtors helps in cutting good deals and creating a win-win situation for all parties.
  • I maintain a huge database of buyers. In 2015, 15% of my listings were sold to my own buyer customers, resulting more dollars in  my sellers’ pockets.

The listing contract is usually for 90 days. A lot depends on the condition of your home, the asking price and time period to sell your home. The listing contract may last for over 6 months.

Yes, I offer free home evaluation service at no obligation to you. This service is available to sellers who absolutely have to sell their home.

Let me answer that with another question:

What is more important to you? A higher selling- price for your home or saving a few points off my commission? Coming back to your question, the standard commission to sell a property when I started out in 2003 was 5% of the price it was sold at. Over the years, commission rates have dropped.

To help you understand better, let me explain that there are two parts to real estate commissions.

The first part is paid to the buyer’s brokerage. This commission is roughly 2.5% of the sold price. Almost 99% of sellers pay this amount in order to stay competitive with other sellers in the market.

The second part is paid to the listing brokerage or what goes into my brokerage’s pocket. This can be usually negotiated, depending on factors like the condition of your home, how quickly you want to sell etc. For more details, I’m happy to meet, evaluate your property and continue with our discussion.

My services guarantee hassle-free home selling, superior marketing & home staging services, astute negotiating skills & years of local experience.

I sell both types of properties. I have helped many young families buy or rent condos in their initial days of settling in. As their families and incomes grew, I helped them upgrade to bigger freehold properties. I have clients who use my guidance to sell their current homes and upsize or downsize into other homes or condos because of lifestyle changes as well.

My property listings cover West and North Mississauga, Downtown Mississauga City Centre Area, Churchill Meadows, East Credit, Meadowvale, Erin Mills, Creditview, Cooksville, Hurontario, Mississauga Valleys and Lisgar. I also list properties in other parts of the GTA including Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, Milton and Burlington. Over all, about 95% of my seller’s homes are sold through our powerful MLS Listing Services of the Toronto Real Estate Board. I can also list properties outside GTA, West of Mississauga, as our offices are strategically located along the 401 corridor.

Apart from the general advantage of dealing with the reliable backing of RE/MAX (#1 Real Estate Company in Canada), the first thing you can expect from our team is TOP RESULTS!

We address your queries with patience and attention to your needs and give you valuable information about real estate and negotiate top dollars on your home’s buying price. We are fortunate to have over 60% of our business come from repeat clients and their referrals. This speaks of our quality service and dedication to our work.

We will also put you in touch with other home related service providers such as lenders, home inspectors, lawyers, handymen, painters etc. to make moving homes an exciting, enjoyable and hassle-free experience for you and your family.

When it comes to buying a property in a multiple bid situation, we give great importance to make your home more safe and secure. Take for example, “Full Home Systems Warranty” and up to $25,000 “Home Closing Protection” program. These insurance products (optional) guard you against home systems and appliances breakdown expenses, plus cost and damages due to failed closings. Thus giving you complete protection even in the most adverse situations.

Yes, that would be a necessity! Feel free to browse through my client reviews online for further information on me and my premium services.

If you’re a previous client, I am happy to defer signing the buyer agency contract for later. Trust is the foundation for business with my repeat clients.

Yes, I offer about 30 to 45 minutes consultation absolutely free. Feel free to contact me today. We can meet at my RE/MAX office that’s conveniently located in Mississauga City Centre, near the SQ ONE mall.

Please remember that buyers do not pay any fee; only sellers pay real estate commission. Sometimes, buyers pay a fee to my brokerage when they hire my services to invest in a “sale by owner property”. Buyers rely on me for many reasons: for accurate price analysis; negotiating the best price, preparing an agreement of sale; preparing legal clauses and getting a lawyer’s approval before signing the deal.

I personally feel that most private sale properties are overpriced. Many private sellers aim to have their cake and eat it too by avoiding agent-commissions but adding savings-commission over their asking price.

The average price of a home in the GTA is about $550 K, as per the Jan 2015 Toronto Real Estate Board’s report. Prices are higher in downtown Toronto. The further we move away from the core, the more prices soften. Prices also depend on location and type of property. Freehold homes are more expensive than condos in general. Apartments are usually cheaper than townhouses. I will help you go over your affordability, budget, choice of property and neighbourhood preferences in detail when you meet me.

If you are working in Canada and have good credit history, you can buy with as low as 5% down payment. If you are working outside Canada, have a good credit rating and relationship with a reliable bank that has a strong presence in Canada, you might be sanctioned 20% or more.

I have been buying and selling both types of properties since 2003. I have helped many young families buy or rent condos in their initial days of settling in. As their families and incomes grew, I helped them upgrade to bigger freehold properties. I have clients who use my guidance to sell their current homes and up size or downsize into other homes or condos because of life style changes as well. Call me for an in depth discussions on condos & freehold properties. We will discuss affordability, define your lifestyle choices & neighbourhood preference, all of which will help you make an informed choice between freehold properties or condos.

I deal in both residential and commercial real estate. I personally deal more with the residential side of the real estate business. This includes resale homes and condos, under-construction and builder pre-construction condos (many of which are offered through me at exclusive VIP pricing). Most of my buyers have graduated to become real estate investors over a period of time. So can you!

One of my team members is a seasoned commercial Realtor who will help you with all your commercial real estate needs. He has successfully owned and operated many commercial businesses, including gas station and food franchise operations in Ontario. We can help you buy and sell hotels, vacant land, small business sales, franchise operations, gas stations etc.

I mostly handle residential properties in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, Milton and Burlington. I also cover commercial properties in the GTA and surrounding area.

I sell residential properties that include freehold and condominium, builder new construction, under construction and assignment sale (flipping).

Homes and condos only. I do not offer rental of basements or short term accommodation.