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Absolute Condo

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Absolute Condo at 60 Absolute Ave. 60 Absolute Ave. (Marylin Monroe dubbed Absolute World) Absolute Condos at Burnhamthorpe Rd and Hurontario are luxury condos near Mississauga Square One. Absolute condominium community comprises of five towers. Absolute condos World 1 and World 2 are the tallest [...]

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Absolute Condos

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Absolute Condos dubbed Marilyn Monroe Condos Absolute Condos There is a lot of buzz being created by newly built Absolute World condos in Mississauga Square One. The Absolute Condos (50 and 60 Absolute Ave) span 50 and 56 storey high, respectively. Their curvy shapes and [...]

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Absolute Condos in Mississauga

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Absolute condos in Mississauga Absolute condos in Mississauga (Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe intersection) offer luxury and the status one always desires. Absolute Condos five towers include Absolute, A Square, Absolute Vision, Absolute World 1 and Absolute World 2. Absolute World 1 and 2 have 56 and 50 floors [...]

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