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Real Estate Investing – Different Types-Different Styles

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Real Estate Investing Styles Real Estate Investing - Its simple math & logic – but nothing without a little risk! This is a story of five old pals, Kumar, Roger, Cindy, Harry and Jessica. In 2008, each decided to invest $100,000 somewhere. They all already owned [...]

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New mortgage rules

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Three New Mortgage Rules in 2011 Today, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced new mortgage regulations aimed at reducing soaring household debt for Canadians. The International Monetary Fund has called household debt to be the No. 1 risk to the Canadian economy. The three new mortgage rules: [...]

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Smith Manoeuvre Debate

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Smith Manoeuvre and tax deductible mortgages An interesting article by Bob Aaron; Toronto Real Estate Lawyer, was published on "Smith Manoeuvre" today in Toronto Star. The article was published after REM (Real Estate Magazine), a monthly publication for real estate industry stakeholders, carried an article by tax [...]

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