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Condominium Authority of Ontario

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Condominium Authority of Ontario Condominium Authority of Ontario Condominium Authority of Ontario, (CAO) is the new authority to protect condo residents. Ontario is also implementing new protections for condo communities, which will take effect this fall. Changes will include new disclosure requirements for directors, such [...]

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Utility Submetering in Condos

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Utility Submetering in Condos Utility Submetering in Condos - A new and growing trend Utility submetering in condos allows separate meters for utilities like gas, water and hydro consumption. Sometimes it is a lot easier to achieve this when a builder takes over this task before the [...]

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Mississauga Downsizing Options

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Mississauga Downsizing Options for people retiring in 10-20 years from now Mississauga downsizing options from a real estate perspective The Mississauga downsizing options that I am sharing with you here are based on my opinion and are backed by my personal experience. My advice does not [...]

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Low Condo fees

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About condominium fees Lower condo fees can mean higher concerns for you If you have been shopping for a Mississauga condo with low condo fees, think again.  Lower condo fees can lead to higher concerns for you. It’s common to find investors, especially first time [...]

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Myth About Condo Fees

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Condo Fees or Maintenance Fees Myth About Condo Fees or Maintenance Fee in Condominiums The most common reaction from many condo buyers is their reluctance towards paying condo fees or maintenance fee. The concept of condo fee is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. In fact, condo fee [...]

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