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Condominium Authority of Ontario

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Condominium Authority of Ontario Condominium Authority of Ontario Condominium Authority of Ontario, (CAO) is the new authority to protect condo residents. Ontario is also implementing new protections for condo communities, which will take effect this fall. Changes will include new disclosure requirements for directors, such [...]

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Hold your breath for the New Condominium Act!

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The Condominium Act of Canada was last revised in 1998.  Over this 12 year period, Canada has witnessed an exponential growth in the condo market, especially in the GTA. Condos today make up half of all new homes in the province. With so many condo communities [...]

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The Condominium Act

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[youtube:] Strengthening the Condominium Act, 1998 is part of the Provincial Government’s plan to ensure a fair and safe marketplace for Ontario families. Since the Condominium Act, 1998 was enacted in 2001, there have only been minor changes to the legislation. In the same time period, [...]

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