Condo living

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Condo living will be the new normal in Ontario As per BMO Report Source of information: "The already expansive price gap between condos and detached housing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will continue to expand towards the end of the decade as new [...]

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Condominiums & Other Real Estate Trends

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Enthusiasm for condominiums created a bright spot in Toronto's real estate market last month, and this pattern may persist for a while."With an astonishing seven out of every ten new homes sold in October being a high-rise condominium suite, high-rise condo sales were up 27 per [...]

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Condominiums and Municipal Taxation

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As a condo sales professional I always wonder why condominiums in high rise buildings are assessed as any other single family residential units for the purpose of municipal tax bills. Specially when condos utilize far less land area, enabling them to accommodate more people within a high rise building. Recently, while [...]

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Condominium Occupancy Fees

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Condominium Occupancy Fee - Interim Occupancy fee Unlike resale or pre-owned homes, builder condominiums have two closings: The interim closing (when you receive the keys of your unit) and the final closing (when the title of unit transfers in your name from the builder's name). The title to [...]

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Condominium Unit Owners Insurance Policy

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Condominium Insurance Condominium insurance policy for unit owners - A must have Condominium insurance is a must for condominium residents and the condominium corporation. Specific insurance requirements vary from province to province. Condominium corporation charges a monthly condo fee. A portion of this fee may cover the following insurance costs: [...]

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