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Buy or Rent

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To Buy or Rent in Mississauga Math What's better in today's market- To Buy or Rent in Mississauga? To buy or rent in Mississauga often poses a big dilemma not only for newcomers, but for most first time buyers. While there is a definite feeling [...]

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Millennials and Real Estate

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Millennials and Real Estate Millennials and Real Estate - RE/MAX Survey Results Nearly 80% of millennials agree owning a home is attainable according to new RE/MAX poll Many millennials expect help with downpayment from parents. Canadian millennials are optimistic about the future, including their homeownership [...]

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First Time Home Buying

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First Time Home Buying Made Easy First Time Home Buying - Hot New Trend with Gen Y As a new Gen Y Realtor, I get to work with my peers and other young professionals who are looking to invest in real estate in Mississauga, Milton, [...]

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