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De-Cluttering need not mean De-Personalizing your Home for Selling

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De-cluttering-Home selling tips De-Cluttering need not mean De-Personalizing I must say that 2014 has kicked off to a good start for me. I feel happy to know that I have helped three families move into their own homes from rentals right at the start of the [...]

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Home Selling Checklist

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Home Selling Checklist For You! Selling Your Mississauga Property-Home Selling Checklist It is never easy to sell your home. Selling your Mississauga home takes a lot out of you, not just physically but also emotionally. You need to open up your private space for strangers to come [...]

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Marketing Five Senses When Selling Home

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What does Marketing Five Senses mean? Marketing five senses is the next big step once price is fixed. When preparing to showcase your Mississauga home, you need to understand how marketing five senses could motivate a prospective buyer to purchase your home. Pleasing all FIVE senses A human mind triggers [...]

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Marketing a Property for Sale

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In my opinion, a person should focus on taking the right actions and not worry about the results (good or bad). The results are not in our control. It is a complex algorithm to decipher why some people get better results than others. If we put this perspective in the context of [...]

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Making Your Home Appealing to Buyers

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As you start to gather up your belongings and pack them away for your move, many sellers question which items they should leave out for buyer appeal. Often the wrong items are left on display; things like family photos, personal keepsakes, and treasured belongings. All of [...]

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Home staging when selling

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Home staging is the most cost-effective and non-invasive method that adds value to your sale. Almost every listing that I sell using professional home staging services, returns approximately 300% return on home staging's cost. Sometimes, I recommend my sellers to increase the listing price, depending on [...]

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