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Airbnb and Mississauga Condos

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Airbnb and Mississauga Condos Airbnb and Mississauga Condos - Shape of things to come? Airbnb and Mississauga Condos - Can this business be soon allowed at Mississauga Condos? Let's first look at the conditions likely to lead to this scenario and how the existing [...]

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Ontario Rental Housing Shortage

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Ontario Rental Housing Shortage Some reasons for Ontario Rental Housing Shortage Annual rent hike cap - Is it a concern for landlord investors or not? Ontario annual rent hike cap has received some criticism since the new rental rules were announced by the Ontario Government.  There is [...]

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Landlords Tenants in Mississauga

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Landlord and Tenants in Mississauga About Tenants in Mississauga Mississauga produces some excellent tenants. Majority of our tenants in  Mississauga are new immigrants, IT executives arriving on work permit, International students entering UTM (University of Toronto, Mississauga) and the Sheridan College at Square One as [...]

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Renting comes with responsibility

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Renting Comes With Responsibility - Take Caution! Renting in Mississauga or elsewhere in the GTA Are you thinking of renting your property? One of our clients, a young professional real estate investor, asked about how one can go about inspecting their rental condos. This is a [...]

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Landlord Tenant FAQ

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Landlord Tenant Services in Mississauga Landlord Tenant Frequently Asked Questions Renting is a part of my job like any other real estate professional. Renting is even more popular in the condo market, where almost 70 percent or more properties are owned by investors. There are many ways that landlords [...]

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Mississauga Condo Rental Market

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TREB's Rental Market Report (Sep to Dec 2007) The rental transaction through Toronto MLS rose 6 per cent in 2007 to 9,286 condominium apartment/townhomes rented in Greater Toronto Area. In 2007, 3,837 units were leased in GTA between May and August 2007, with transactions moderating in [...]

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