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Passive Real Estate Investment

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Passive Real Estate Investment in Mississauga & the GTA Passive Real Estate Investment - Trends in Financial Market & Real Estate Nothing is easy even for seasoned players in the field when it comes to making the most of your investment portfolio, whether you are an active or [...]

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Real Estate Investing – Different Types-Different Styles

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Real Estate Investing Styles Real Estate Investing - Its simple math & logic – but nothing without a little risk! This is a story of five old pals, Kumar, Roger, Cindy, Harry and Jessica. In 2008, each decided to invest $100,000 somewhere. They all already owned [...]

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Mississauga condo buyers back in business

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Mississauga real estate market May 2010 A buyer's market condition takes place when supply of homes exceed demand. The sales-to-new-listings ratio measures the balance between demand and supply. A ratio of 55 to 60 percent for a sustained period of time points to the seller's market conditions. A [...]

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Investing in Condominium

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Investing in Condominium in Mississauga If you're thinking about buying a condominium investment property, market conditions are definitely in your favour. While the resale housing market has seen a tremendous amount of activity from first-time buyers in the past year, it's also a perfect time for existing homeowners [...]

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