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Mississauga Rental Market 2017

By | 2018-01-20T22:05:44+00:00 December 1st, 2017|Categories: Buying, Condos, Investing, Renting, Square One Condos|Tags: , , , |

Mississauga Rental Market 2017 Mississauga Rental Market 2017 - Outlook for 2018 & Beyond Mississauga Rental Market 2017 presents a healthy picture in some aspects, but not all. The main area for concern is the shortage of rental unit supply, which is getting pronounced [...]

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Airbnb and Mississauga Condos

By | 2017-11-02T15:55:52+00:00 October 31st, 2017|Categories: Buying, Condos, Renting, Square One Condos|Tags: , , , , |

Airbnb and Mississauga Condos Airbnb and Mississauga Condos - Shape of things to come? Airbnb and Mississauga Condos - Can this business be soon allowed at Mississauga Condos? Let's first look at the conditions likely to lead to this scenario and how the existing [...]

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Buy or Rent

By | 2017-11-03T13:53:51+00:00 October 20th, 2017|Categories: Buying, Condos, Renting|Tags: , , , , , |

To Buy or Rent in Mississauga Math What's better in today's market- To Buy or Rent in Mississauga? To buy or rent in Mississauga often poses a big dilemma not only for newcomers, but for most first time buyers. While there is a definite feeling [...]

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Ontario Rental Housing Shortage

By | 2017-10-30T22:53:53+00:00 October 10th, 2017|Categories: Buying, Condos, Renting|Tags: , , , , |

Ontario Rental Housing Shortage Some reasons for Ontario Rental Housing Shortage Annual rent hike cap - Is it a concern for landlord investors or not? Ontario annual rent hike cap has received some criticism since the new rental rules were announced by the Ontario Government.  There is [...]

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Selling Tenant Occupied Property

By | 2017-09-16T23:07:15+00:00 September 16th, 2017|Categories: Condos, Renting, Selling, Square One Condos|Tags: , , |

Selling Tenant Occupied Property Selling Tenant Occupied Property - Top Tips Selling tenant occupied property can sometimes be a cause of stress for both the owner and the tenant. As an owner, your priority is to sell your Mississauga or Square One home or [...]

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Landlord Tenant Compensation to End Lease

By | 2017-09-08T01:17:04+00:00 September 8th, 2017|Categories: Condos, Renting, Square One Condos|Tags: , , |

Landlord Tenant Compensation to End Lease Landlord Tenant Compensation to End Lease - New Rental Rules 2017 Landlord tenant compensation is a new rule that came into effect last Friday. Landlords to Pay Tenants One Month Rent in Compensation Ontario tenants will now have additional [...]

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