Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Square One Condo

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Square One Condo Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Square One Condo in Mississauga Our Top ten reasons to buy a Square One condo can help you fulfill your desire of home ownership as a First Time Buyer or [...]

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Mississauga Rental Market 2017

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Mississauga Rental Market 2017 Mississauga Rental Market 2017 - Outlook for 2018 & Beyond Mississauga Rental Market 2017 presents a healthy picture in some aspects, but not all. The main area for concern is the shortage of rental unit supply, which is getting pronounced [...]

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Home Buying in Sellers and Buyers Market

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Home Buying in Sellers and Buyers Market Home Buying in Sellers and Buyers Market - Read Before You Buy! Home Buying in Seller's and Buyer's Market requires an entirely different and distinct game plan. Real Estate is constantly changing and evolving, particularly in popular Canadian cities like [...]

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Edge Towers Mississauga

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Edge Towers Mississauga Edge Towers Mississauga Builder New Condos Edge Towers Mississauga Address: Elm Drive West - Hurontario & Central Pkwy Builder: Solmar Development Corp Current Status: Pre-Construction Construction Start: 2018. Occupancy: April 2020 Average Price: From mid $300s. Price Per Sq Ft: Approx $610 Floors: 38 Floor Plans: 14. Suites: [...]

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M City 2 Tower

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M City 2 Tower M City 2 Tower at 3960 Confederation Pkwy M City 2 Tower has followed close on the heels of a very successful launch of the first tower at M City. The two towers are part of the ambitious 10-tower, 15-acre, [...]

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My home is not selling

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My home is not selling. My home is not selling. What's going on? My home is not selling. Is this worry wearing you down like the many other stressful events in your life when you wonder, why is this happening to me? Well, life [...]

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