Tridel Islington Terrace Condos VIP Sale

August 22nd, 2014

Hurry-VIP Brokers Sale! This is a One day event!

Islington Terrace Condos

Each year 100s of condo projects enter our GTA market. In my opinion, only a handful of those projects are worth investing in.

Good projects are measured on the reputation of builder, prices, location, return on investment, finishes, demography, timing of completion among other variables.

​I keep an eye out for good projects for my valued clients, and I only represent projects that make sense to me. Tridel Islington Terrace is one of those few projects. 

Quick Facts About Islington Terrace Condos: 

Developer: Tridel (One the most reputed GTA builders)

Tridel Islington Terrace Condos Location: 64 Cordova Ave, Etobicoke, ON

Phase: 1st of 3 towers (prices move up with every tower)

Floors: 45 Floors

Unit Size: from low 500 feet

Price range: from $228K (1 BR suite)

Condo fees excluding pkg & locker maintenance: estimated at $0.49 per sq. ft. 

Estimated completion: Summer 2018

Deposit structure: 20% over 365 days

Proximity to Islington Subway: Within a few steps

Amenities: Outdoor Pool, BBQ, Entertaining area, Fitness Studio, Yoga Room, Movie Theater, Party Room, Aqua Spa & Games Room

Special incentive for my VIP clients:

No assignment fee at Islington Terrace Condos

Capped closing costs & levies

Extended deposit structure

A+ tenant on closing (1 year lease)

A la carte Property Management Services

Register for priority access:

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Mississauga becomes hot property

August 6th, 2014

Invest in Mississauga

MississaugaAs Canada comes to the forefront of the real estate map, Mississauga is increasingly taking centre stage.

The scenic suburb, located on the shores of Lake Ontario on the western end of Toronto is already packed with an affluent, well educated population of 750,000+ and growing by the day as the country’s 6th largest city. Not surprisingly, Mississauga currently rates as one of the best cities in Canada to live in, all set to score as the country’s city of the future.

As investment pours in to buy more properties and condos in Mississauga and build more residential and commercial complexes, all efforts have been taken to hold on to the pristine beauty, both within the city and around it.

Over 480 parks and woods have been preserved through the joint efforts of the government and community. Property prices are more affordable than Toronto, with no compromise on urban conveniences in the way of public transport, shopping complexes, medical and educational facilities as well as entertainment through the Celebration Square and Living Arts Centre, among others.

Mississauga holds Canada’s largest and most famous airport in the GTA – Pearson International Airport that also connects you to seven major highways. The city offers job and business opportunities in several key sectors: Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical, FIRE, Consumer Products, Information Technology, Automotive, Aerospace, Finance & Telecommunication. We have prestigious higher learning institutions – The University of Toronto Mississauga and the Sheridan College at the heart of Mississauga City Centre making the city a prime educational centre.

Now you know why Mississauga is declared No.1 mid-sized American City of the future 2013/2014, by Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) Magazine, beating 79 other cities to the title.

The City of Mississauga has earned 'AAA' credit rating consistently since 2003 by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services, based on the exceptional liquidity levels, debt-free position and bustling economy. Most importantly Mississauga is also one of the safest cities to live in Ontario with the lowest crime rates” he stresses.

Having said that, each positive assertion comes with its downside!

As more and more people from all over the world settle in to make it their home, Mississauga is also running out of vacant land.  There is little land left for large scale housing developments, except for a few hectares for high density housing downtown. As the demand for housing shoots up and the city continues to grow, I would say that it couldn’t be a better time to buy property in Mississauga now. Real estate prices in Mississauga can defy any economic slowdown.

Churchill Meadows neighbourhood was the last new builder housing development that was completed in 2014. The only exception is the new builder condominiums in Mississauga Square One.

Most Mississauga neighbourhoods are safe and self-contained. There is a choice of well planned neighbourhoods for all cultures and ages. It helps to have an experienced local real estate broker to short list just the right one for you.

You also have a selection of new homes and resale homes. Both come with their pros and cons.

Then there are condos that come in all shapes and sizes, including apartment style and townhouses. Condos also come in stacked form. These are small buildings that have apartments styled townhouses built on top and on the side of each other. Most of these building are come with eco-friendly construction. The condo fees are kept low as these building do not offer high maintenance amenities like swimming pool gym, sauna etc. Owners pay a fee for the maintenance, upkeep and replacement of common elements, snow removal, landscaping, security etc.

But luxury condos in Mississauga offer a great lifestyle and come with all the bells and whistles. One can find many high rise buildings in Mississauga Square One that come with world class amenities.

Mississauga-Population, Demography & Housing

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Investment property in Mississauga

July 17th, 2014

Should I buy a condo apartment or a freehold home in Mississauga?

investment propertyThis is a question that I get asked all the time!

A common perception is that investing in a freehold home in Mississauga makes more sense, given that historically freehold homes in Mississauga have appreciated more than apartments, plus there is also a lack of supply when it comes to freeholds.

When investing in older properties, one should think at least 10 years ahead. For example, a freehold home in Mississauga that is already 10 years old, will need a new roof, windows, appliances, furnace, A/C, flooring, bathrooms, paint etc. when it is time to sell it after 10 years. This should be applicable for most properties that are 20+ years in age.

A condo apartment on the other hand may not need an extensive overhaul. In the case of the latter, simply replacing floors, bathrooms, kitchen, appliances and paint should do the trick.

In both cases, putting 30% -35% down payment should be in enough to carry the monthly property expenses through rental income. However, a condo apartment (a decent 1 BR Mississauga condo sells for around $240K), needs a smaller down payment as compared to a freehold property (3 BR semi in Mississauga sells for around $530K).

Like with any other investment, real estate investing makes sense as long as one does not go overboard. 

A good investment property should be:

  1. in a great location
  2. affordable to buy as an investment property
  3. easy to rent, or in other words it should be popular with renters
  4. able to carry all of its expenses from the rental income
  5. easy to maintain/repair/improve
  6. easy to sell

Before buying an investment property, one should simultaneously plan an exit strategy. It is prudent to select the right person who can not only help secure the right property, but also help rent it to qualified tenants (very important). Sometimes passion/ desire for higher returns, takes over logical thinking and people make their decision based on the future growth without fully analyzing the subject matter.

Investment property and ROI

Investing is about generating wealth and return on investment (ROI) works best on leveraging. Real estate investing makes little sense when an investor puts 100% down when properties grow at a mere 3% to 5% on an average. Leveraging makes ROI mind boggling and helps create wealth.

A word of caution: Leveraging can also generate losses if the prices fall or the interest rates increase.

In my opinion, one should invest in properties that are most popular with renters.

Tell me, why should I rent if I can afford to buy with 5% down payment? 

Out flow on a 1 BR condo is $1,600 per month, as seen in the above blog link. 

The above figure also hints that maximum number of renters in Mississauga are available for properties that rent within $1,300 to $1,700 per month price range. So shouldn’t one fish where the fish is?

For more on selection of investment properties, both condos and freeholds, contact me at 905-339-5111

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Should I pay off mortgage loan on my Mississauga property?

July 8th, 2014

To pay off mortgage or not?

Should I pay off mortgage?Nothing like a mortgage free life. It is a great feeling to pay off mortgage loan and become debt free. Many people celebrate this event by throwing a mortgage burning party. I have attended a few such events where people pay off mortgage, and raise a toast to that!

Well, however nice it may sound, not many financial experts who I work with, fully agree whether it is good or not to pay off mortgage loan. 

Who should pay off mortgage if given an opportunity?

As per one of the financial planners, if someone’s income/ cash flow is not in abundance they should use windfall of cash/bonus/lottery prize etc. to pay off mortgage. In this case, person’s income is just enough to pay every day bills. A person who is also not risk averse, or feels happier seeing themselves mortgage free, should also pay off mortgage loan faster.

But someone who is young, debt free (except mortgage loans) and produces enough income to carry mortgage can consider other smarter ways of investing in real estate, only after speaking with his/her financial advisor.

Let’s look at an example:  Property value of a person’s current home is $300K. Mortgage is $150K. Equity=$150K. This person earns $70K and he has no other debts. He has also saved $150K in cash. Banks qualifies him to buy a $350K property. He has many choices.

Let’s discuss only two of them:

  1. He decides to pay off mortgage and live mortgage free. His property grows 30% in 10 years and it can be worth $390K in some 10 years
  2. Based on his mortgage approval he buys a rental property without selling his current property. He puts down $150K and buys a 2nd rental property worth $300K. His expenses on 2nd property are paid from the rental income. He spends zero money out of his pocket, in fact, he is left with some positive cash flow every month. After 10 years his properties are worth $780K, and his mortgage loans stand at $190k (assuming 25 years amortization, 3.5% interest p.a. and accelerated bi-weekly payments). His equity before selling expenses stand at $590K ($780 less $190K).

Can you imagine the kind of possibilities this extra money can be put to use in example 2, when this person decides not to pay off mortgage and invest in real estate instead?

Prevailing low interest rates combined with leveraging has made real estate investing very profitable.

Word of caution: before you venture out to investing your hard earned money, it is prudent to speak with you financial advisor, lawyer, tax consultant etc. first.

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First time buyers

June 26th, 2014

Prosperity and Property in Mississauga

First time buyers in MississaugaIt is a well known fact that Canada is among the prosperous countries in the world. The government plays a vital role in offering support to new immigrants and upcoming businesses to help them settle down. There are several special incentives, funding schemes, tax relief programs and pension support to make sure residents and citizens enjoy a comfortable life.

Neighbourhoods are self-contained with schools, shops, restaurants, medical facilities and scenic spots in the vicinity. What’s more, development is centred on not just present comforts but also future growth. 

The government offers several incentives to first time buyers. The Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP) and the First-Time Home Buyer’s Credit (HBTC) are designed to help newcomers invest in their first homes. 

First time buyers with a good credit history and a job are allowed to buy with a down payment of only 5%. There is a choice of housing from condos, townhouses, detached homes, semi-detached homes, single homes for immigrants from diverse backgrounds.

However, new immigrants often face a tug-of-war situation on certain home investment decisions. 

Should they rent or buy their first home? Should they settle for a condo or a house? Should they skip a smaller apartment and jump straight into a bigger home? The government has good incentives for newcomers and first time buyers. 

When you invest, you build equity even as you gain from price appreciation. There is a plethora of housing choices available. To get the best guidance, I would recommend talking with a locally experienced real estate broker so that they do not lose out in any way.

First time buyers especially need good guidance at every step. Check for testimonials online, research thoroughly and rely less on part-time salespeople or inexperienced friends.  A full time professional will be well versed with the dynamics of property investment in Mississauga and area and help you understand the market conditions.  
Some over ambitious newcomers or first time buyers tend to skip renting or investing in a small apartment and jump straight into a bigger home. That may not always serve well. Even if it is not on top of your agenda, you can slowly buy what is suitable in your 5% down payment budget and build equity. Later you can always upgrade to a bigger, more spacious home.

Before you take a decision on your first home investment, it pays to shortlist some important questions for yourself:

  • How much can you afford?
  • As a buyer will you pay real estate commission?
  • What is the minimum down payment for a newcomer?
  • Before buying your property how do you locate the best schools?
  • What are the government incentives for first time buyers in Ontario?
  • What is RRSP Home Buyer's Plan (HBP)?
  • Is there any HST home buying rebate?
  • Do first time buyers pay land transfer tax?
  • What is first time buyer tax credit?
  • As an investor do you qualify for first time buyer rebates?

I feel that affordability depends on most importantly your gross household income, your down payment and the mortgage interest rate. Lenders will also consider your assets and liabilities. Your own lifestyle and debt comfort zone also come into play. 

The "Welcome to Canada" program for permanent residents and newcomers allows you to purchase a home with 35% down payment. The down payment requirement may be reduced if you find permanent employment in Canada.

There are several incentives and schemes for first time buyers in Ontario. Below are some first time home buyer incentives/ rebates:

Resale homes are exempted from HST in Ontario. HST is payable on new builder homes and condos.

If you are a first time buyer, you qualify for rebate of up to $2,000. Certain conditions and restrictions apply for which you need to read up on the Land Transfer Tax

If all this sounds a bit daunting, simply call me at 905-339-5111. Prosperity may lie in your hands but for property, nothing serves better than to rely on experienced full time professionals.

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