Just last month Forbes magazine named Canada as The Best Place in the world to do business. I am not surprised, our resource rich Canada is world's No.1 and why not, Canada has a lot to offer. Not only does Canada attract the best people from all over of the world, big Canadian cities including their surrounding suburbs are highly multicultural, where different cultures thrive and proudly adapt to Canadian values.

Foreign individual investors from Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as the growing middle class in India and China are investing in Canada. In my real estate business, I have witnessed an increase in my overseas client portfolio in 2011.

These investors find a safe haven in our Canadian currency. Many people are sending their children to Canadian Universities and colleges. Not only do foreign students get topnotch education, on completion of their studies our Canadian government helps them secure work permit to gain work experience in Canada.

What I can offer to an International Investor

  • Help you buy easily rentable properties in good neighbourhoods (one can book pre-construction or buy resale)
  • Assist you in opening non-resident bank account and secure mortgage approval (foreigners can buy with only 35% down payment)
  • Put you in touch with lawyers (real estate, business and immigration)
  • Put you in touch with property management companies to take care of your investment
  • Put you in touch with tax advisors and accountants who will file your rental income tax

Condo Investor Check ListYou will be required to come here for 1-2 weeks to select your property and complete the above formalities.

I do not and cannot provide any legal, accounting or tax advice, but can refer you to some professionals.

A short holiday-cum-business trip may well be on the cards for you to get a glimpse of our beautiful Canada, as well as to explore investment opportunities!

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