Churchill Meadows Condos For Sale

Churchill Meadows Condos – Your Options Explored

Affordable condo townhouses and condominium apartments is the way to go in Churchill Meadows. These condos are the right match for first time buyers and investors. Churchill Meadows condos are also popular with people looking at newer condos. There are many affordable stacked townhouses built along Winston Churchill Dr., Oscar Peterson Dr., Eglinton St. and Thomas St.

Churchill Meadows condos include Daniels First Home, stacked condos, Great Gulf’s Garden Villa townhouses and some boutique style condo apartment buildings that come with no frills, like HOT Condos from Great Gulf and some four-storey Churchill Meadows condos built by Daniels. These condos are quite popular with people as they would like to save on amenities, and put that money towards their mortgage.

There are also many free standing two and three storey townhouses (Garden Villas and Cobble Stone) built by Great Gulf and Daniels.

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