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Condos in Mississauga for Sale – Types, Location, Price & Future Outlook

The term condo often implies a luxurious lifestyle. A condo or condominium can be an apartment, house, townhouse or a unit in an apartment house in which the units are individually owned, but managed by a condo board and condo management company.

Do you wish to enjoy the facilities of a fully equipped gym pretty much at your doorstep? Do you wish to never have to mow the lawn, or shovel the snow? If the answer is yes, then condos in Mississauga may be just what you are looking for! Condominium living has many merits, in addition to affordability, in most cases. Condos do not start and end with high rise buildings with amenities. There are many types of condos in Mississauga like: condo townhouse or row house, condo apartment, live and work condos, or even a hotel suite. Each owner receives a deed for their condos in Mississauga, enabling them to mortgage and sell it independently of the owners.

To a first time buyer or a newcomer, the condo fees might seem steep at first glance. However it is likely that you would spend more on indoor and outdoor maintenance in a freehold house. Having said that, condos in Mississauga are bought more for their affordability than as a lifestyle choice. These days most first time buyers are finding freehold properties out of their reach as banks do not qualify them for expensive homes.

Square One Condos make up for almost 70% of high-rise condos in Mississauga.

Other popular condominium hubs in Mississauga include the Hurontario condos, Mississauga Valleys condosErin Mills condos, Central Erin Mills condos, Churchill Meadow condos, Meadowvale condos and Port Credit condos. One can also find some live and work condos in Mississauga Square One area and a handful in the Churchill Meadows community.

Since Churchill Meadows is the youngest community of Mississauga, it is home to different type of housing options. A hybrid condominium model of boutique condo buildings in Churchill Meadows is a new entrant. These are no frills condo buildings with low maintenance fee and no amenities that you typically find in a high-rise condos in Mississauga. However, these smaller buildings still have elevators, backyard patios and security. This style is quite popular with baby boomers that are empty-nesters now and downsizing to condos from detached homes. For them, the simplicity of just locking the condo and travelling when they want is a sheer luxury.

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Condos in Mississauga For Sale

Future of Mississauga condos

Freehold home prices are almost unaffordable for most first time buyers of condos in Mississauga and Toronto. Condo living is also a preferred choice of home owners who are downsizing, especially in the case of baby boomers. Once the adult kids move out of their condo in Mississauga, parents seek a more comfortable, convenient lifestyle. Many adults choose to do less home maintenance (lawn cutting, snow shoveling, gardening, raking leaves etc.) and spend quality time on enjoying amenities, travel, relax and pursuing other personal interests in life.

Another reason for the increase of condos sale in Mississauga lies in the economy. There is an acute shortage of affordable rental apartments in the GTA housing market. Yet there is a great demand for rental housing. This rental shortfall is met by condo investors (individual owners) who buy condo apartments for rental purpose.

Given the vast price gap between condos vs. detached properties, there is no doubt that condos will continue to grow in popularity as the first housing type one ventures into, not only because of choice, but because of affordability. Even between condo apartments and condo townhouses, townhouses in Mississauga have become out of reach of the common man. For example, as of March 2019, a 1500 sq. ft. condo townhouse is priced in mid $600,000s and a 600 sq. ft. , 1 BR condo apartment in low $400,000s.

In my opinion the next big growth spurt will be seen in the Mississauga condo apartments and condo townhouse categories.

In addition to condo townhouses, we will witness renewed interest and price appreciation in larger condo apartments in older condos in Mississauga. A typical 1,000 sq. ft. unit is much more affordable than a smaller condo in a newer condo building. Currently (March 2019), 1,000 sq. ft. in newer condo buildings are priced around $600,000 or $600 per sq. ft.

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