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Downtown and Midtown Toronto Condos Overview

Downtown Toronto, recognized as one of the most highly sought-after real estate markets in Canada, presents a variety of vibrant neighborhoods and appealing condominium developments. Ranging from the scenic Waterfront communities to the fashionable Queen West district, this bustling urban center accommodates diverse lifestyles.

The price range for Downtown Toronto condos varies depending on the type. Resale condominiums begin at approximately $1200 to $1500 per square foot, while pre-construction or newly built luxury condominiums start at $1,500+ per square foot. Super luxury buildings command even higher prices. These figures are accurate as of June 2023.

Toronto provides a secure environment for condominium buyers who wish to invest their capital, benefiting from stable conditions, favorable interest rates, low unemployment rates, and robust economic growth within the city. Downtown Toronto condos located near TTC Subway stations are particularly popular among buyers.

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of Toronto’s condominium market. Our team possesses extensive expertise in both resale and new builder categories of condominiums in Toronto. Since 2003, we have facilitated the buying and selling of Downtown Toronto condos, making us the ideal choice as your realtor.

We can assist you not only in obtaining essential information about Downtown condos, whether you are a first time buyer, a real estate investor, someone looking to move to Toronto or a downsizer looking to sell your home and move into a condo. We can provide you with valuable condominium tips that can greatly benefit you when choosing the right condo to match your needs.

Sought after neighbourhoods to Buy a Condo in Downtown or Midtown Toronto

Investing in a condominium apartment in a highly desirable Toronto neighborhood can be an exhilarating and fulfilling venture. Let us be your trusted advisors as we lead you through the most coveted districts in Downtown Toronto, Midtown Toronto, and the regions both east and west of Yonge Street, where you can discover appealing condominium apartments.

Waterfront Communities C01 Toronto
Waterfront Communities West of Yonge (C01):

Situated to the west of Yonge Street, bordered by Lake Ontario, Bathurst Street, Queen Street West, Simcoe Street, Front Street West, and Yonge Street, this lively neighborhood presents an assortment of tall condominium buildings that offer breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, creating an urban sanctuary at an affordable cost.

The Waterfront Communities (C01), with its magnificent lake vistas and a plethora of recreational opportunities, has become a favored destination among condo buyers. The vicinity surrounding Queens Quay has undergone revitalization and boasts splendid parks, picturesque pathways, and cultural attractions such as the Harbourfront Centre.

The Fashion District and Entertainment District are also located within the C1 area of Downtown Toronto. These dynamic neighborhoods are home to renowned design studios, stylish boutiques, trendy condominium developments, the iconic CN Tower, Union Station, Rogers Centre, numerous theaters, clubs, restaurants, and various transit options.

Nestled between the Rogers Centre and the Harbourfront, Cityplace is a high-rise condominium development consisting of numerous towers and vibrant retail spaces. With exceptional transit connections, residents can easily explore the city while enjoying modern amenities within their condominium complexes.

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Bay St Corridor Condos

Bay Street Corridor Condos

The Bay Street Corridor community is positioned between University Avenue, Bloor Street West, Yonge Street, and Front Street. It serves as a vibrant financial center renowned for its towering skyscrapers and esteemed corporate headquarters.

Within this neighborhood lies the prestigious Financial District, housing prominent banks and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Noteworthy attractions such as the Hockey Hall of Fame and Nathan Phillips Square can also be found here.

This area provides a harmonious fusion of work and leisure, offering a wealth of amenities and entertainment options right at your doorstep. Despite its luxurious reputation, prospective buyers will discover a variety of condominiums, making it an appealing choice for urban professionals.

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Niagara Community Condos Toronto

Niagara Community, Toronto

The Niagara community is surrounded by Queens Street West, Bathurst Street, Lake Ontario, Atlantic Avenue, and Lakeshore Boulevard West. This neighborhood exudes a lively urban lifestyle that appeals to a wide range of residents. Young professionals and artists are particularly drawn to Niagara due to its trendy restaurants, stylish boutiques, and vibrant art galleries.

The area showcases a captivating blend of historically significant warehouses transformed into fashionable lofts, providing a unique and distinctive living experience. Additionally, Niagara is home to notable attractions like Liberty Village and Ontario Place. Within the neighborhood, King West stands out as a fashionable destination for young professionals and urban enthusiasts.

It offers a vibrant nightlife scene, trendy boutiques, and an abundance of dining options. Moreover, the renowned Fort York National Historic Site, adorned with lush green spaces, hosts several contemporary condominium developments within the Niagara community.

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Toronto-waterfront-communities C8

Waterfront Communities East of Yonge (C08)

The Waterfront Communities (C08) district is bordered by Lake Ontario, Yonge Street, Front Street East, and the Don Valley Parkway. To the north, you’ll find the Church-Yonge Corridor, Moss Park, Cabbagetown, and Regent Park.

Within Moss Park lies the renowned St. Lawrence Market, known for its rich history and vibrant atmosphere. Another noteworthy area within this community is the Distillery District. This charming district features cobblestone streets adorned with trendy cafes, galleries, and boutiques.

While the availability of condos is limited in this particular area, the Distillery District offers distinctive living experiences in modern, converted industrial lofts.

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Church Yonge Corridor Condos

Church-Yonge Corridor

The Church-Yonge Corridor, an energetic downtown neighborhood, is situated between Yonge Street, Bloor Street East, Jarvis Street, and Front Street East. It harmoniously blends historic charm with modern conveniences. Thanks to its central location, residents enjoy effortless access to a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The Church-Yonge area offers a diverse range of condominium choices, catering to different budgetary needs. Its close proximity to Ryerson University and vibrant shopping districts makes it an attractive choice for students and young professionals seeking affordable condo living. This neighborhood is also home to iconic landmarks, such as the Eaton Centre and Yonge-Dundas Square, contributing to its vibrant and lively ambiance.

Within this area, the Church and Wellesley neighborhood is renowned for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community and offers an array of condominiums with convenient access to transportation and amenities. This vibrant neighborhood serves as a bustling hub of activity, with trendy bars, restaurants, and shops adorning its streets.

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Regent Park Condos Toronto For Sale

Regent Park

Regent Park, located east of Moss Park, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, emerging as a vibrant and modern neighborhood. The revitalization initiatives have led to the development of numerous community spaces such as parks, playgrounds, and sports fields, making it an ideal choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Daniels Corporation, the developer behind this revitalization project, has also incorporated social housing units, contributing to a diverse and inclusive community environment.

Professionals working in downtown Toronto are particularly drawn to Moss Park due to its proximity to the Financial District. Both Moss Park and Regent Park enjoy excellent public transportation options, including streetcars and nearby subway stations.

The central location of the neighborhood ensures easy access to major highways and main roads, facilitating convenient commuting to different parts of the city.

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Annex Yorkville Condos

The Annex & Yorkville

Annex and Yorkville, two affluent neighborhoods near the University of Toronto, possess distinct characteristics. The Annex has traditionally thrived as a lively enclave for students and faculty members, providing accommodation for both groups. Adjacent to the Annex, Museum Station stands as one of the nearby TTC stations.

On the eastern fringes of the neighborhood, the bustling Yorkville area awaits, presenting a wide array of businesses and condominiums.

Yorkville’s borders encompass Avenue Rd, Bloor St E and Bloor St W, Rosedale Valley Rd/Aylmer Rd, and Davenport Rd. Renowned for its upscale boutiques and exquisite dining choices, Yorkville attracts individuals seeking the epitome of luxury real estate. With the convenience of TTC subway stations serving the area, transportation within Yorkville is effortless.

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Yonge Eglinton Mt Pleasant Condos

Midtown Toronto

The neighborhoods of Yonge-Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant West are situated on either side of the intersection of Yonge St and Eglinton Ave. Referred to as Midtown, this area presents a multitude of condominium choices. It prides itself on an extensive selection of dining establishments, upscale shops, and entertainment venues. Yonge-Eglinton appeals to individuals seeking a convenient urban lifestyle, thanks to its easy access to public transportation.

The upcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT will further enhance the accessibility of this area, making condos here highly desirable.

Toronto, a dynamic and diverse city, offers a variety of neighborhoods that cater to different lifestyles and budgets. The downtown area of Toronto features an abundance of condominiums to suit various preferences.

With the added advantage of the TTC subway system, traversing the city is effortless. Prospective buyers can explore numerous condo options in these Toronto neighborhoods, making it an opportune time to delve into the Toronto condo market.

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Builder New Downtown and Midtown Toronto Condos

Gain exclusive access to new builder condominiums in downtown Toronto and take advantage of significant savings through our Platinum Access program.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a condo in Downtown Toronto or Mississauga, we can help you save thousands of dollars. As part of RE/MAX’s specialized condo group, we have privileged Platinum/President club membership benefits with top builders throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Platinum/President Club pre-launch events are highly exclusive, with invitations extended only to a select few REALTORS® and their preferred clients. Following these events, prices typically increase, and projects subsequently become available to VIP agents before their public launch.

If you’re considering purchasing a new builder downtown Toronto condo, contact us for unparalleled opportunities. Choosing our brokerage services to buy a builder’s new downtown Toronto condo offers undeniable advantages over approaching the builder directly. The builder’s sales representatives work in the builder’s interest, not yours.

You won’t incur any additional costs for purchasing a new condo through our brokerage, and you can rest assured that you won’t pay extra to the builder either.

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