Dundas Connects Master Plan

Dundas Corridor Revitalization Plan

What is the Dundas Connects Master Plan

The Dundas Connects Master Plan will support major improvements to transportation, land use and the public area along the Dundas Street Corridor. Some of the recommendations in the Master Plan include:

  • Implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Dundas Street
  • Encouraging mixed-use development that supports transit
  • Creating more open spaces and community facilities
  • Maintaining existing and supporting new affordable housing
  • Maintaining four traffic lanes along Dundas Street
  • Providing safe cycling infrastructure along the length of the Dundas Street Corridor
  • Enhancing pedestrian space and providing street trees
  • Encouraging street-related retail while supporting existing businesses

What is the Dundas Corridor?

Dundas is a super street that showcases Mississauga’s diversity. Here you will find stores, businesses, parks, schools, churches, and beautiful neighbourhoods. Dundas is also a key part of Mississauga’s transportation network, with thousands of people using it every day to move around the City.

The Dundas Street Corridor is 4 km wide and 19.5 km long, stretching from Mississauga’s border with Oakville in the west to the City of Toronto’s Kipling Station in the east. It contains entire areas or portions of the following:

The Dundas Connects Master Plan recommends changes to land use, urban design & transportation systems along Dundas Street over the next 35 to 40 years. 

The seven focus areas include: Etobicoke Creek, Dixie, Cooksville, Cawthra, Erindale Station, Erin Mills & Winston Churchill. 

Dundas Connects Recommendations

Land Use

  • Transit Intensification across Dundas Street
  • Open Spaces and Community Facilities
  • Maintain Existing and Support New Affordable Housing
  • Encourage Street-Related Retail


  • Implement Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Along the Dundas Street Corridor
  • Retain Local Bus Service
  • Maintain Four General Traffic Lanes Along Dundas Street
  • Introduce Branded Stops and Stations
  • Allow for Potential Direct Connections to GO

Corridor Design Recommendations

  • Enhance Pedestrian Space
  • Provide Safe Cycling Infrastructure

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Local Feedback Supporting the Master Plan

What people said they liked about Dundas Street today

Diversity: Dundas Street is a diverse mix of people and businesses. There is a strong sense of community and there is access to a variety of goods and services for all income levels

Heritage: Dundas Street’s historical features and natural heritage areas are vital to the street

Connectivity: Dundas Street provides easy access to key highways and access to important streets in all directions

What people said they don’t like about Dundas Street today

Congestion: Dundas Street has a lot of traffic congestion. This makes travelling frustrating for all road users

Lack of Curb Appeal: Dundas Street is visually unappealing and could benefit from revitalization

Poor Public Realm: Dundas Street is car-centric. It is not pedestrian and cyclist friendly

Lack of Safety: Travelling along Dundas Street can be dangerous for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians

Natural Hazards: Flood management at Dixie Road and Dundas Street is a big concern

Dundas Corridor Revitalization Plan – Vision for Residents

The Dundas corridor is set to grow by 52,000 new residents and 9,600 jobs. The vision calls for new commercial, medium and low-density residential buildings that incorporate unique retail options at the ground level. There will be more parks, green spaces, cycling lanes, crosswalks and wide sidewalks, improved public transit and a Community Hub for gatherings.

The Plan aims to Maintain Existing and Supporting New Affordable Housing

    • Dundas Street will retain its existing inventory of affordable housing both publicly subsidized and private, market rental and support the
      creation of new affordable housing within new high rise developments

Read further detailed information on the Dundas Connects Master Plan on the official website.

Cooksville to become a Major Transportation Hub for the Area

Cooksvilleis an important transportation hub. It will greatly benefit from the 18 km Hurontario Light Rapid Transit, which is currently under construction. Commuters will be able to connect directly to the GO system through Cooksville GO station. In addition, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will provide direct connection to TTC subway stations and the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. One will be able to get to downtown by car or Go Train in 30 minutes. Plus, just a 15-minute drive to Pearson Airport.

Dundas Corridor Revitalization Plan

What will Cooksville look like in the next 20 to 30 years?

Dundas Corridor Revitalization Master Plan

Vision Cooksville is a City initiative for the next 20 to 30 years to revitalize this important Mississauga neighbourhood, much like the Dundas Corridor, with:

  • Walkable Streets with Public Art and Beautification
  • Improved & New Parks
  • More Community and Recreational Spaces
  • Development of a Cooksville Community Facility
  • Support for Small Independent Retail
  • More options for home buyers and renters

Housing Opportunities and Choices

  • Increase the Range of Housing Options Through New Development
    • New housing will include new low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise residential and mixed use buildings.
  • Encourage Improvements in the Existing Rental Housing Stock
    • There are many rental units in Downtown Cooksville and these will be maintained and improved with better open spaces around the buildings
  • Create Opportunities for Home ownership
    • Cooksville residents love this community and want to be able to live here through all stages of life. New development will include opportunities for affordable home ownership, helping people stay in the area and invest in their community

The Hurontario LRT

Dundas Corridor Revitalization Plan

Expected Completion: Fall 2024

The 18-kilometre Hurontario LRT will soon connect communities across Mississauga and Brampton like never before. This is essential as each city has been expanding with more residents, businesses and amenities. Frequent and reliable transit is a vital component for thriving communities.

Thriving Neighbourhoods = Thriving Real Estate!

All-in-all, the Dundas Corridor and Cooksville area revamp and revitalization, coupled with Hurontario LRT will give not just benefit the local communities but provide the entire City of Mississauga a welcome make-over. This will sustain and grow the popularity of Mississauga as a place of choice for First Time Buyers, Newcomers and Investors.

Where will the LRT stop?

Hurontario LRT Map

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