Elevator etiquette during COVID times

New Rules & Elevator Etiquettes During COVID 19

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic everyone has become much more aware of their proximity to other people, particularly in tight spaces like elevators. In recent months, condo dwellers have had to adapt to new rules around how to behave in an elevator. Here are some of the rules & elevator etiquettes during COVID 19 that you might see in a condominium building.

Don’t talk or sing, including talking on your phone

Good news for those who don’t enjoy small talk with fellow riders in an elevator. Some buildings have asked that residents avoid talking, singing, whistling and engaging in unnecessary conversations while they are riding the elevator. This includes talking on their phones. You are expected to not have to remove your mask, out of respect and safety for everyone.

Face the wall, instead of fellow riders

Some residents are required to stand in a certain position during their entire elevator ride. They may have to face the wall or face forward, any position that reduces their chance of spreading droplets to other occupants of the elevator. Given the flu season, it becomes imperative to be careful with people around you.

Masks must be worn at all times, no exception

Some buildings have rules that prohibit residents from entering the elevator without a mask. Whether you are sick or not, face masks help protect those around you since it acts as a barrier and stops the spread of droplets when you talk, laugh, cough or sneeze. You are not only protecting others, but yourself too.

Stay on your sticker, or other identified marking inside the elevator

Some elevator floors are marked with stickers to indicate where riders should stand. They are usually spaced as far apart as possible to encourage physical distancing. Everyone is expected to adhere to this.

Press elevator buttons with objects, instead of fingers

In some condos, riders are advised to avoid pressing the buttons with their fingers. Instead, they should press it with an object such as a key or a toothpick. The less you touch commonly shared spots, the better it is for everyone.

Only a few riders at a time may be allowed in the elevator

Forget about cramming in as many people as you can in the elevator. Many buildings have rules restricting the number of riders in the elevator at one time. It is usually two to four people, depending on the size of the elevator.

Take the stairs if you can, for your health & safety

If you are physically able to, some buildings recommend you take the stairs whenever possible. This reduces the wait times for elevators and cuts the number of riders going up and down. You not only get some exercise, but do not have to be in an enclosed area with other people. However, make sure you do not touch railings unnecessarily.

End of the day, if you do have to take a trip in an elevator, it can come with a lower risks, if everyone in the condominium building follows the proper rules and precautions. Both condominium corporations and condo residents have to do their part in making everyone’s safety as the first priority during this pandemic. One important step in this direction is honouring the elevator etiquettes during COVID 19.

What about Condo Buying & Selling During COVID?

Despite the initial lock-down, and the recent reinforcement of some restrictions, home buying and selling activity is still happening. REMAX 2020 Outlook provided an encouraging and optimistic take on real estate:

  • 56% of Canadians who are planning to engage in the real estate market say they expect to do so within less than a year
  • 44% of Canadians believe that the real estate market will bounce back to the strength it was before COVID-19 by 2021

The subsequent REMAX Fall 2020 Outlook still presents a hopeful picture, and also points to some changing consumer mindset. Demand for cities outside of the GTA is growing. With buyers looking for more outdoor space and square footage, these hot-spots are experiencing a shortage of listings & seller’s market conditions.

When we talk about Mississauga condominiums in particular, the rental market is taken quite a hit due to the fact that hardly any flights have been coming into Canada with newcomers. While some landlords are feeling the crunch, many investors are jumping into the condo market as there are some good deals to be found.

We have helped our investors buy Mississauga and Downtown Toronto condos at a discount in the last 2-3 months. Prices which were hovering in January & February at around $510K for 1 BR and $575K for 1 BR + Den Mississauga condo or $670K for 2 BR Mississauga condo, had dropped to $485K, $530K, $565K respectively in Sep 2020.

This is for the resale market segment. As for the builder new condo segment, there is a plethora of pre-construction condo choices available. But the big question is: should one buy a builder new condo in 2020 – what are the pros & cons.

About Selling

When it comes to selling we are experiencing two different markets – condo apartments vs condo townhouses and freehold homes. The condo apartments are bought more by investors than end-users. This segment is currently suffering as there is a huge rental inventory available because of COVID 19 travel/immigration restrictions. Smart and seasoned investors are still picking up good deals. This can be a short-term buying opportunity.

The resale market for condo townhouses and freehold market is quite hot and we expect prices to rise even more in 2020 and beyond.

Looking to Sell your home or condo? Contact us for a free home evaluation and do ask us about our unique Value Added Listing Services & Benefits.

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