Tenants are legally required to provide a 60-day notice before vacating a one-year lease property, which is the time for the landlord to conduct a pre-listing or pre-move out inspection.

This stage is critical for three reasons: ensuring the property’s good condition upon return, facilitating a smooth moving-out process for the tenant, and allowing an effortless showing for prospective tenants.

The landlord should inspect for optimal property condition, addressing any damages caused by the tenant. The landlord can use this stage to remind the tenant to book elevators and return keys. Tenants are encouraged to report maintenance issues promptly, particularly before the move-out date. Landlords must outline steps for a seamless transition, including tenants’ responsibility for ordinary cleanliness. Many leases involve landlords covering the cost of professional cleaning before a tenant moves in, expecting the same courtesy during move-out. Learn more about Ensuring a Smooth Residential Tenant Moving Out Process.