Find the Right Square One Realtor – Top Questions To Ask!

Find the Right Square One Realtor to Sell or Buy Your Condo

Buying or Selling Square one condos in Mississauga or any real estate is often an intimidating task. You know you want to sell high and buy low in a fast moving market. You want hassle-free, prompt and professional service as you are a busy person yourself and don’t really have time to sit around and wait for your realtor to serve you. You need someone who is reliable, trustworthy and experienced in the local Square One condo market. This sounds a bit like match-making, doesn’t it?

The fact is you do need to find the right realtor match for your Square One condo. So how do you go about finding one? There are so many realtors out there, some within your friends and family circle even. Make sure you ask the right questions when interviewing a realtor to sell (or buy) your Square One condo.

Find the Right Square One Realtor – Questions You Should Ask Realtors

What is your experience in selling Square One condos?

You need to know what the realtor can do for you. This is based on not just tenure in the business selling homes and condos in Mississauga, but has to do with how much experience they have in selling Square One condos specifically. A local, experienced Square One condo realtor will know each of the Square one condo buildings like the back of his/ her hand. They will know the unique features, amenities and suite layouts that can fetch maximum returns when selling a condo in downtown Mississauga. You can ask questions around rough price estimate for your condo suite, or of similar suites in adjoining condo buildings. This will show you how well-versed the realtor is with current condo prices in Square One. Find out how many condos this Square One realtor sold recently and for how much above or below the asking price. This will indicate how well does the pricing strategy of this agent work.

How will you market my Square One condo for sale?

You need to find out about the marketing strengths of the realtor. Square One condo market is highly competitive. With so much inventory, your condo needs to stand out to get seen and sold fast. In today’s market, more than 80% of buyers find homes online. You need to find a realtor who has a strong online presence and one who is able to share his or her integrated marketing plan to showcase and sell your square one condo. The integrated marketing plan includes tactics involving online ads, video tours, social media push, print collateral, home staging, open house and promotion to realtor’s own database of buyers.

How will you keep me updated on the condo sale progress?

You have the right to receive prompt and regular updates. A full-time and professional realtor to provide you with periodic updates over the phone or via email. Make sure you ask about the frequency of updates. Also find out the average number of days on market for the condos listed by the agent. If the days of market sound high, find out the reason, was it pricing, the building or condo deficiency or what? Ask the agent how he or she addresses issues with the seller for quick condo selling. Find out if the agent recommends any updates or upgrades before putting the condo for sale in the market.

What is your commission to sell my Square One condo?

A fair question on a condo seller’s mind. Always a good question to ask. Sure there are discount brokerages out there, but remember what you give as commission, is what you may receive as service. Professional realtors usually charge up to 2.5% as seller agent commission (plus another 2.5% for the buyer brokerage), and will work hard to ensure you get the maximum value and returns. If you are selling your condo and buying another property with the same agent, he or she may as a courtesy extend some discount to you. Make sure both you and the agent are comfortable with the commission plan you agree to.

How strong is your network to help sell my Square One condo?

There is always strength in numbers. A realtor working with a well-established and well-known real estate brokerage in Mississauga, will have a strong network of fellow realtors. By the same token, a realtor with years of experience will have a huge database of keen buyers at his or her disposal. So you need an experienced realtor representing a reputable brokerage. What this helps with is to quickly match a buyer with your condo.

Can you provide me with seller client references?

End of the day client testimonials say it all. Unless you are referred directly by friends or family who have had a successful experience working with an agent, you should always ask for some referrals. You may choose to speak with the referrals, or read online reviews and testimonials in order to find the right square one realtor.

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