Choose with care!  Choose RE/MAX

These days almost everyone has a friend or a family member in realestate sales. Nothing wrong in helping or working with a friend and or a family member, right? I can appreciate that…so let me ask you, do you absolutely have to sell or are you just looking to do your friend a favour?

One should not let family ties or relationships dictate who you work with. You need to take a moment to see if this is in your best interest. If your friend know has experience with the type of properties you are looking to buy or sell and in the area you want to buy or sell in, that’s great, go for it.

If not, then you need to think again. After all it is about YOUR time and money. Working with a local realestate professional who works full time in the business will give you an edge over someone who is out of the area, or someone who is a part-time agent.

Think smart, choose with care and save more!