Home Energy Audit

New legislation in Ontario will likely make it mandatory for all resales  to conduct a Home Energy Audit. One can estimate approx. $300 for this home energy audit. These type of energy audits are already in practice in some other countries like Germany and the UK.

Though $300 may sound like an out of pocket expense now, the pay back can be substantial. E.g. click here to view savings on water bill after installing high efficiency toilets. Not only this owner saved on his water bill, he also received $60 rebate per toilet from the Region of Peel. For more rebates and savings visit Natural Resources Canada.

For sellers and selling agents a Home Energy audit helps distinguish improved homes by pointing out conservation  improvements. For buyers, an audit  as soon as possible after moving provides for energy savings, government rebates and a higher sale price down the road.  Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are issued after a licensed inspector examines a property for its energy efficiency, a process which allows homeowners to see where improvements can be made to save the most on their energy bills.

Energy use in the home contributes to approximately 30% of individual carbon emissions, increasing efficiency in the home presents an effective way to combat climate change. E-friendly home can be a major selling point for environmentally aware buyers.

Considered over the long term of owning a house, the opportunities for improvements that audits can reveal ultimately pay for themselves several times over. Take into account that both the audits and the improvements are both government-subsidized and it becomes clear that home audits are an opportunity for savings and asset enhancement.