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Selling Your Mississauga Property-Home Selling Checklist

It is never easy to sell your home. Selling your Mississauga home takes a lot out of you, not just physically but also emotionally. You need to open up your private space for strangers to come and inspect. You have to harden yourself to their comments on little things in the house that have meant much to you. It is especially disheartening when they come up with an offer that is less than your expectations while selling. When you are caught up with so much emotionally, it is easy to slip up and make mistakes when you are preparing your Mississauga home for sale.

As an experienced local real estate agent, I am always there to offer help when going gets tough.

Let me highlight some common errors and ways to overcome them before you sell your home. Here is a home selling checklist:

  1. Ignoring repair work. Nothing is more unappealing than chipped paint, loose knobs and broken shelves. Make sure all maintenance and repair work is looked into before you list your home for sale.
  2. Not de-cluttering. De-clutter your home so it looks inviting. Remove unnecessary items that make your home look messy and build up positive vibes with selected personal items instead of doing away with them entirely. Check my upcoming blog post on “De-cluttering does not mean De-personalizing” for more on this.
  3. Not eliminating odours. Most of us are blind to this in our own homes. Pets, clogged drainpipes, cooking, dirty corners and filthy trash can make foul smells linger to turn off for visitors and buyers. On the other hands, good fragrance and fresh air around your house can turn visitors into prospective buyers. Make sure your home is cleaned of all foul smells. Let in fresh air, arrange seasonal flowers, light aromatic candles or spray odour eliminators if necessary.
  4. Holding on to your home emotionally. Letting go of your home can be tough. I suggest you think of yourself as a home seller with financial and business interest in selling your home rather than a home owner when the time comes. It is harder said than done, I know, but essential for you to let go to prepare your home for sale.
  5. Spot cleaning instead of spring cleaning. Dirty homes are a big turn off for buyers. A spic and span home can attract a buyer faster. Make sure you don’t miss cleaning out your closets, cupboards and corners while you are at it.
  6. Not showing a room’s proper function. If you have your living room looking like a children’s playground, buyers will not be able to visualize themselves in that area entertaining guests or enjoying peaceful moments. Make sure your rooms are arranged as they should be and everything is in its proper place.
  7. Insufficient light. Dark, dreary rooms can turn off buyers, especially at night, in winters or during overcast days. Rooms and corridors must be well lit and ventilated. Repaint rooms with a lighter, brighter colour. Trim trees and shrubs that block light at the window. Pull aside curtains or adjust window blinds to let in natural light.
  8. Not investing in updates. Investing in your home will help build your equity and sell your home faster, for more money. However well located your home is, or spacious and well arranged, if the fixtures and fittings are outdated, it will always be more challenging to sell at a good price.
  9. Ignoring professional advice. It is in your best interest to take the advice of professionals when it comes to pricing your home.
  10. Listing before staging has been completed. Most buyers will view your home within two weeks of listing. If your home is not spruced up before staging, it will diminish chances of attracting buyers even if they come up to your doorstep. Make sure your home is model ready during staging before you list it for sale.

Last but not the least let me remind you that most of the errors on this home selling checklist can be corrected without emptying out your wallet.

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