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Homes in Mississauga – Top Schools in Mississauga

I am often asked the question about top neighbourhoods in Mississauga for people looking to buy homes in Mississauga. And I ask them to qualify what they mean by “top”, as it is a very relative term, and depends on personal choice. Theoretically speaking, a top neighbourhood can be classified as a thriving and safe community with beautiful homes, great schools and good demography. The most common way to find out a top neighbourhood for homes in Mississauga  is to go by school ranking of that neighbourhood.

Mississauga is a wide open territory for you when searching for homes in Mississauga, and if you have school-going children, Fraser Institute’s report card on school performance can help you find top schools in Mississauga.

Narrowing down on a neighbourhood based on a school may not always be the way you start your search for homes in Mississauga. You may really like to buy a home in a neighbourhood that you’ve visited, but are uncertain about the schools. Peel School Board Site provides a handy tool to find schools based on home’s address. My personal advice is to also call the school beforehand to confirm whether or not students from a particular address are eligible for enrollment into the school, as the School Board keeps changing neighbourhood boundaries.

Homes in Mississauga – Top Neighbourhoods in Mississauga

Now coming back to defining top neighbourhoods in Mississauga for different people. For someone who likes to live close to the lake, homes in Clarkson, Lorne Park, Mineola, Port Credit and Lakeview would be top choices. For heavy commuters, quick and easy access to highways 427, 401 or QEW, mature east Mississauga nighbourhoods of Dixie, Applewood and Rathwood would classify as a top neighbourhood. For high rise condo lovers or people who want to live close to Downtown Mississauga, City Centre, Mississauga Valleys, East Credit, Cooksville and Hurontario are good choices. For someone who works at the Meadowvale Business Centre, RBC headquarters in Mississauga, or companies like Microsoft, Glaxo, etc., for them ease of commute is key and Meadowvale Village, Meadowvale or Lisgar could be considered as top neighbourhoods.

A family could be looking for good schools and a mature neighbourhood. For them Central Erin Mills, Erin Mills, Creditview and Sheridan would be a top address as these neighbourhoods offers a good mix of condo townhouses and detached homes that can cater to both middle and higher income families. As a newcomer to Canada, with young school-going children, Central Erin Mills was our top neighbourhood, and we lived here for 10+ years!

However, many newcomers these days are looking for newer yet affordable properties that are less than 10 years old. In this case, Churchill Meadows is a top neighbourhood to go for. It offers a thriving mix of luxurious detached homes from $700K to $1 millon plus,  semis, townhouses to affordable no frills boutique-style condos and stacked types condo townhouses.

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