How Home Staging Helps Condos By Providing a Sense of Size & Scale

How Home Staging Helps Condos Fight Competition

Home staging is one of the most effective methods to add perceived value to your property, visually, mentally and emotionally. It can help sell your home or condo faster by making it stand out, especially when there are other similar listings in the market.

Professional home staging costs are easily retrieved back through a higher selling price as opposed to when selling the property without any home staging. Home staging is particularly important in condos, as these properties come in so many configurations: 1 BR condo for sale, 2 BR condo for sale, 3 BR condo for sale, studios, penthouses etc.

With newer built condos, the problem often is smaller living area sizes. With older Mississauga condos, the problem could be older features & finishes, unless the properties have been updated for sale.

Provide Prospective Buyers with a Vision 

If you are selling a condo with a smaller square footage, perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving it empty. Contrary to belief, a condo with no furniture can actually feel much smaller than a condo with furniture in it. This is due to lack of reference for the size and scale. Without furniture and interior décor, buyers may have a hard time visualizing how their own items will fit in this space.

Importance of Size Appropriate Furniture

Stagers know exactly what kind of furniture will provide a spacious and open feeling. Bulky recliners and units are a no go. Contemporary and compact pieces such as sofas with lower backs, and glass tables do the trick.

Clutter Begone

Overfilled shelves, stuffed-up closets, overflowing coffee tables make a space feel cramped. Stagers will advise and assist with removing unnecessary items to maximize every single inch of the condo.

Let there be Light

Stagers may remove heavy curtains or drapery and replace them with sheer panels to let in as much natural light as possible. They may add lamps and mirrors in certain areas to make the space look bigger and brighter.

Keep the Colours Light & Subtle

This is especially true for the bedroom, where people unwind after a long day. Light, airy, fresh linen helps evoke relaxation.

Let there be Free Flow

When buyers walk into a condo, there should be clear pathways to every room. Stagers will ensure every piece of furniture is properly placed so that the layout feels just right.

Does Team Kalia Offer Home Staging Services for Condos

We firmly believe in the power of home staging when preparing your home or condo for sale. Unlike major renovations, home staging is a simple and inexpensive way to bring your Mississauga and area property up-to-date.

Buyers should want to walk into a house and immediately envision themselves living there. With our highly professional and qualified home staging team, you can enjoy home staging services which includes a complete checklist of valuable tips and techniques for the best return on your investment.

If you are looking to Sell your Mississauga and area home or condo, start today by booking your virtual consultation session with us.

We will not only provide you with a home evaluation and a comparable market analysis, we will walk you through our proven listing strategies and services, including home staging.

Our promise of professional, proven and trusted listing services is backed by our client testimonials. Our SOLD listings are also regularly picked up by Toronto Star when it comes to Mississauga. This is because of our quality work and neighbourhood expertise.

Home Staging for a Studio Condo Apartment in Mississauga by Team Kalia

Home Staging for a Townhome-Style Condo Apartment in Burlington by Team Kalia

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