January 2018 Square One Condo Market Report

2018 Square One Condo Market Report & Square One Condo Prices in 2018

Jan 2018 Square One Condo Market Report clearly signals that “Downtown Mississauga also called Mississauga City Centre or Square One Condos market“, could be Mississauga’s most active real estate market in 2018.

Why is Mississauga Condos market poised for growth?

There are many factors that are shaping the future of condos in Mississauga and the rest of the GTA. Government intervention in the housing sector has a lot to do with real estate prices. Apart from the overall economy, there are other external factors that affect real estate markets in general.  Some of these factors like housing supply, interest rates, lending guidelines, immigration policies, infrastructure development etc. are controlled by the policy makers. There are other factors that are out of government’s control (like NAFTA, global economy, international events etc.) also control the housing market. It can be said that real estate in Canada is not being run on a free market basis. If it was, then the housing prices in GTA would have surpassed by double digits in 2017 too.

Ontario government’s Places to Grow Act, 2005 has put pressure on land supply. As a result of the short supply of new sub-divisions for housing development, there has been a continuous growing demand for housing. The prices increased due to this lack of supply. On top of this, low interest rates fueled an already heated seller’s market to a point that Canadian debt levels have become very high. In mid-2017, when the Government saw this huge surge in GTA home prices, high consumer debt levels and homes becoming too expensive to afford,  they started tightening the housing market by putting different rules. The prices which were growing by double digits, stopped growing, the number of sales went down and prices also went down over the last six months.

At the same time, the Canadian economy is doing really well so that’s giving another opportunity to the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates a couple of times now in the past few months, which means that it will become even harder for people to qualify for higher mortgages. This is something like a double beating to the housing market.

What can all of this mean for 2018 Square One condo market?

If you look at our 2018 Square One Condos report below, you will see that prices went down from July to December 2017. However, they haven’t gone down by a whole lot. Condo apartment market falls into the lowest price segment of the market. So with so much tight lending conditions, most buyers will get qualified for much less than what they used to in the past. And the Square One condo market will fill in this gap.

Square One Condo Prices in 2018

I won’t be surprised to see double digit growth for Square one condos, which are currently lower than $450,000 price range currently, by the end of this year. But having said that, since our real estate market is controlled by other external factors (as discussed above) no one can put their 100% bets on the market. Apart from first time buyers and investors, there are also couples or young families who have been priced out of the condo townhouse segment because of the tight lending rules. These buyers are not qualifying for more than $650K Mississauga freehold properties but do qualify for affordable townhouse and condos that cost less than $650K.

2018 Square One Condos for Sale

1 BR, 1BR+den Square One Condos for Sale
2 BR, 2BR+den Square One Condos for Sale
3 BR, 3BR+den Square One Condos for Sale

2018 Square One Rental Market

It will be an interesting year to watch. As far as Square One is concerned, January 2018 prices are on the rise. It is a good opportunity for even investors who are looking to buy and invest because we are swamped by rental leads. The rental rates have gone up too. Rents have gone up by almost 8-9% in one year (market rent is applicable only when a new tenant is moving in). We have a big shortage of supply of condo apartments for rent.

2018 Square One Condos for Rent

1 BR, 1BR+den Square One Condos for Rent
2 BR, 2BR+den Square One Condos for Rent
3 BR, 3BR+den Square One Condos for Rent

Condos Investors Dream To Acquire Top Tenants

A lot of newcomers, especially skilled immigrants are coming here with good jobs from the IT sector. We are helping many new immigrants every day and there are many first time buyers as well in the market at this moment. In our experience, Square One condo market is one of the best rental markets in the entire GTA. An investment property is very easy to manage when one lives close by and Square One condo market is ideal for investors who live in Mississauga, Brampton and nearby areas.

Square One Condos Builder Condos Market 2018

After a successful registration of Amacon’s PSV and PSV2 condo projects, buyers can look forward to their AVIA condos project.  Our team is a Platinum broker at this project and many other Mississauga builder projects, so if you are interested in this project or any other builder new condos project in Mississauga, give us a call. We have sold many condos in this development, overall feedback is very positive and our investors are now happily reaping the rewards of substantial price gains, and quality tenants. Some were even able to cash out gains via assignment sales.

Pinnacle’s Grand Park 2 also completed in 2018 and Amber condos near Hurontario/Eglinton is getting ready for interim occupancy , sometime in 2018.  Pinnacle’s first tower of Perla is now sold out and the second tower is being launched soon. Let us know if you are interested to buy at VIP prices at Perla Tower 2 condos.

Daniels builder has sold out the Wesley condos in Downtown Mississauga and Edge Condos by Solmar will be releasing more units and new buildings in 2018.

M City by Rogers was the most successful project in 2017 and they have sold out both their projects. There are still some good podium and penthouse suites available at M City. If you are planning to get VIP terms on these units, let us know.

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Average Square One Condo Prices as of Dec 2017

Condo BuildingCondo Type Avg Price

Jul 2017 

Avg Price

Dec 2017

Price %
1 & 33 Elm Dr2 BR, 2 WR$439,963$407,750-7%
220 Burnhamthorpe Rd2 BR+1, 2 WR$480,000$451,500-6%
223 Webb Dr1 BR+1, 1 WR$359,900$358,400-0%
225 Webb Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$486,000$450,000-7%
310 Burnhamthorpe Rd2 BR+1, 2WR$472,500$497,5005%
325, 335 Webb Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$418,500$418,5000%
330 Burnhamthorpe Rd2 BR, 2WR$410,000$435,6676%
339 Rathburn Road W2 BR, 2 WR$440,900$465,0005%
3515 Kariya Dr1 BR, 1 WR$330,000$340,0003%
360 Square One Dr1 BR+1, 1 WR$370,000$370,6250%
365 Prince of Wales1 BR, 1 WR$369,960$357,000-3%
385 Prince of Wales1 BR, 1 WR$375,000$345,487-8%
388 Prince of Wales1 BR, 1 WR$375,000$349,000-7%
388 Prince of Wales2 BR+1, 2 WR$494,550$474,500-4%
3880, 3888  Duke York2 BR, 2 WR$471,714$434,250-8%
3880, 3888  Duke York2 BR+1, 2 WR$583,000$534,000-8%
3939 Duke of York1 BR+1, 2 WR$383,475$363,333-5%
3985 Grand Park Dr2 BR, 2 WR$466,200$445,333-5%
4065, 4099 Brickstone Mews1 BR, 1 WR$349,700$352,4210.8%
4065, 4099 Brickstone Mews2 BR, 2 WR$465,833$479,2313%
4070 Confederation Pkwy2 BR, 2 WR$454,750$443,998-2%
4080 & 4090 Living Arts Dr1 BR+1, 1 WR$361,000$356,967-1%
4080 & 4090 Living Arts Dr2 BR, 2 WR$443,143$439,099-1%
550 Webb Drive2 BR, 2 WR$465,125$434,629-6%
50 Absolute Ave1 BR, 1 WR$312,333$318,8602%
60 Absolute Ave2 BR, 2 WR$432,148$427,778-1%
70, 80, 90 Absolute Ave2 BR, 2 WR$412,422$392,239-5%
Avg Price Change -3%
Jul Prices = Apr 1, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017

Dec Prices = Jul 1, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

These prices shown in the Square One Condo Market Report January 2018 are for reference only. Factors such as inventory, condition of condo, upgrades, floor level etc. can make a significant difference.

Analyzing Square One Condo Prices 2018

As per the TREB reports Market Watch Dec 2017 and Market Watch Dec 2016, Mississauga Condo Apartments increased by 15% in price when it comes to both average and median prices.  Price gains from Jan 2017 to Jun 2017,  before the new rules came in were wiped out in the latter half of the year from Jul 2017 to Dec 2017. But at the end of day, Square One condo prices did go up by 15% on an average. See our Jun 2017 Square One Condo Prices report.

Mississauga Condo Apartments & Square One Condo Prices went up by 15% in 2017

“I won’t be surprised to see double digit growth for Square one condos, which are currently lower than $450,000 price range currently, by the end of this year. ” Amit Kalia

In most of the buildings at Square One, price increase almost tallies with the average numbers produced by Toronto Real Estate Board with an exception of 50 and 60 Absolute buildings. In these two buildings, average price has gone up by almost 24% in the last one year, reason, their prices had taken a maximum beating since they were registered. Now that things have improved in terms of building quality, management and overall reputation, prices in these buildings are going up. As local experts, we can see such trends and advice our clients accordingly.

The Charts below present some Key Highlights for Mississauga City Centre from TREB’s 2017 Q2 Condo Market Report:

The Art of Selling Square One Condos – Your Guide to a Quick Sale of Your Square One Condo

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The Art of Selling Square One Condos Jan 2018 Edition

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Square One Condos in 2018

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