What does Marketing Five Senses mean?

Five senses trigger our emotions when buying a property

Marketing five senses is the next big step once price is fixed. When preparing to showcase your Mississauga home, you need to understand how marketing five senses could motivate a prospective buyer to purchase your home.

Pleasing all FIVE senses

A human mind triggers emotions that make us take decisions when all five senses are aroused.

Our senses signal our mind to enjoy and acquire

material things. In the case of real estate, buyers’ senses can give them a feeling of “I, Me and Mine!”. Or in other words, they see themselves enjoying your home and want it for themselves and for their family.

When you are selling your Mississauga home, each and every one of your buyer’s five senses should be pleased.

That is, when buyers come to see your Mississauga house, their eyes should see a beautifully staged home, their nose should smell a nice fragrance and freshness in the air, their ears should hear something that calms and pleases their mind, their touch should give them a feeling of cleanliness and their taste buds should get satisfied by some sweets or candies, if possible.

Winning the heart and mind of buyers

Residential real estate is based more on emotions rather than pure numbers. This does not mean that the right price is not crucial in the sale of your home as discussed in “selling your Mississauga property part 2“.

When I work with my Mississauga sellers, I like to put my best foot forward, which is backed by the right price, a well-staged home to trigger a buyer’s five senses, and an aggressive marketing plan, a topic to be covered in my next blog post.

Thinking of selling your Mississauga property

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Selling Your Home?

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