Marketing home for sale in Mississauga

Marketing home for sale – You need a plan even in a Seller’s market

Selling a home in Mississauga is an art in itself, even in a hot sellers market that we are experiencing in 2016. If you want to stay ahead of the game, here are the two things you need to strike out of your list right off the bat – working with a discount brokerage offering a cookie cutter plan and trying to sell your Mississauga home by yourself (FSBO).  You may well ask if homes are selling like hot cakes, then why not save money by employing either of the above two options?

There is more to understanding the current Sellers market than what meets the eye. Buyers are behaving irrationally and submitting offers way over the listing price for single family detached homes in Mississauga. While homes are selling fast, many deals are also falling through as the buyer is not able to honour the price he or she signed the offer at.

Why do home deals fall through after acceptance? Banks provide a buyer with a pre-mortgage approval up to a certain $ value. However, the bank will only approve final mortgage based on the assessed value of the home and not the sold value of the home (which these days could be $50,000 – $100,000 above asking price). In this situation, buyers have to come up with the difference between the assessed value and sold price. In most cases, buyers do not have that kind of cash or savings available, and have to let the home go (also losing the initial deposit to the seller in some cases).

As a home seller this may not bother you much as you can surely find another buyer in this home hungry market. However, this does cause a lot of inconvenience and loss of time. This also highlights potential risks for you if you are looking a buy another home after selling this one.

Marketing home for sale – Progressive and Proactive is the way to go.

A recent TD Housing report predicts moderate resale activity and price growth in the second half of 2016 in the GTA. This will be on account of more supply of homes and increased home buying capacity. The month of August is slow due mainly to summer vacation lull in the market. Beginning September is somewhat slow as it is back to school time for many parents. This slowly launches us into Fall. Having said this, there are buyers fore resale homes in Mississauga even in the dead of winters. So, your listing needs to be out there with full and wide visibility.

Harnessing the power of Internet is critical for listings in late summer for Internet never takes a vacation and potential buyers are constantly surfing the net to view new listings of homes for sale in Mississauga. There might be just that family searching the web looking for a home in your neighborhood so that their children can attend one of the top schools in Mississauga. There could be someone browsing the net looking to buy an older and larger property in expensive neighbourhoods like Lorne Park or Mineola to fully renovate or custom-rebuild for themselves, or to flip for a profit. Or there could be someone sifting through online listings looking for a detached home with a finished basement and separate entrance for a rental potential.

You may have just the right home for them. But it is not marketed properly, it will not attract the right kind of committed buyers to your listings.

More than 80% of buyers find properties online.

Your listing gets an unmatched advantage when it comes to internet exposure when your list your home with RE/MAX and choose Amit Kalia as your Realtor.

Marketing home for sale 30 day sold guaranteeMarketing home for Sale – This is Our #1 Strength

When you work with us, your listing receives top online marketing that is 2nd to none! You know that Google is #1 online search engine. Google’s latest technology serves more local results than ever. With heavy online presence we showcase your listing everywhere on the Internet – be it Google paid search ads, mobile ads, Kijiji ads, display ads, YouTube ads, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing… the list goes on. When potential buyers view our ads online, they contact us directly or through their buyer agent to view your listing.

We are so confident about our proven selling approach that we offer you 30 days Sold Guarantee or $1,000 back!

Marketing Home for Sale – The buck does not stop at digital!

Thinking of selling your Mississauga home? Mississauga is bustling with keen home buyers – people who have been priced out of Toronto, Markham and area, local families looking to move up from a condo townhouse or a semi, first time home buyers and newcomers looking for smaller to mid-size homes. You have something, someone wants!

Your home selling process starts with the planning stage. We build a customized plan that is tailor-made to match your objectives.

When you are ready to sell your home, the first and foremost step is planning your next move. You need to figure out answers to so many questions:

What will be I buy after I sell my home? What things I can do to my home to get more money when selling? Should I list first or buy first? Can I move my mortgage to a new home or should I pay it off and get a new mortgage? Who should I sell my property with?

You can be selling because of many reasons like: relocation, moving into a builder new home, downsizing etc. You don’t want to end up buying something without first getting an idea of your net equity (cash in hand after all your expenses). Also you don’t want to get stuck with two properties, or try selling your current home without preparing it.

How much will it cost me to sell? How much time it can take to sell? Commission varies anywhere from 2.5% to 5% plus HST of the selling price, depending on the method you choose to sell your home. Closing and moving costs can add around $3000 to $6000. During your FREE Seller Consultation and Home Evaluation, I will help you find answers to the various questions that cross your mind. Once you decide to work with me, we will take a methodical approach to selling your home.

Preparing your home for sale – we help you make the best first impression.

Pricing your home for sale (or if current market condition continues – pricing your home for a multiple, or bully offer situation)

Marketing home for sale – this aspect is key and will be discussed at greater length during the one-on-one seller consultation. Be ready to be wowed!

Closing your home sale – Each and every showing is monitored and followed up. With over 14 years of experience as a full-time Mississauga Realtor, I enjoy an added advantage of a very strong Realtor network to secure a buyer with the best offer for you!

Our office is conveniently located in the Square One Mall, which is a central location for your seller consultation and any eventual meetings with buyers and their agents.

Contact Amit Kalia to Book your FREE Home Evaluation & Seller Consultation.

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