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Mississauga City Centre – Downtown Mississauga

Mississauga City Centre or Downtown Mississauga is a great place to live and work. The Government’s Places to Grow Act, 2005 provides a legal framework for growth planning in Ontario that includes Downtown Mississauga. Primarily, the Growth Plan attempts to prevent urban sprawl, revitalize urban centres, and reduce congestion by intensifying growth in existing urban areas. It also stipulates that new development should make provisions for transportation alternatives such as public transit, walking, and cycling. The key strategy is to increase the capacity of existing built-up areas. Therefore, the Growth Plan requires that, by 2015, 40% of all new residential development, occurring annually within each municipality, be within already built-up areas.

Mississauga Celebration Square-Destination of choice

Mississauga City Centre is the destination of choice of new immigrants and professionals from other parts of the GTA. The City has invested millions of dollars to revitalize the City Centre area including the Mississauga Celebration Square. The place has become vibrant with many year round activities like festivals, road shows, multicultural events, farmer markets etc.

Square One shopping mall has grown to be the largest mall in Ontario, and the second largest in Canada, with over 360 stores and services. Mississauga City Centre is both the heart and the home of city business. It is the home of City politics, Office of the Mayor of Mississauga, Mississauga Celebration Square, Art Gallery of Mississauga, LAC and Sports Hall of Fame.

At the regional scale, Mississauga is one of ten destinations identified in the Province’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. It is both a work and leisure destination, in addition to housing a large percentage of the Province’s population. With Mississauga’s population of approximate. 800,000 and millions more living within close driving vicinity, there is a growing demand for a livelier downtown with more places for people to go.

Mississauga City Centre offers optimal choices for living, working, transit, entertainment and services

The vibrant Mississauga City Centre, when fully developed will provide people with a diverse choice of activities. Every public place – whether a bus stop, City Hall plaza, Central Library, Square One, the Living Arts Centre (LAC), Kariya Park, farmers market will be linked together with a network of pedestrian-friendly streets to create a district that encourages walking and exploration.

Pedestrian friendly City Centre

Mississauga’s downtown core will offer a perfect harmony between the people and the public open spaces and offer attractive pedestrian environments.The City has plans to create consistent, continuous pedestrian- and bike-friendly links between other destinations and the existing City Centre. Improving the walking options of Mississauga this way will not only improve the health and physical well-being of its residents, it will expand the City Centre, creating a vibrant downtown area.

City Centre-Home and workplace to many

Mississauga City Centre is a significant urban centre and will be a major transportation hub in Mississauga Square One.  Almost 60,000 people live and work in City Centre area (40,000 residents and 20,000 employees). When fully developed, Mississauga City Centre will be home to more than 100,000 people including 60,000 employees.

Sheridan Campus in Square One at Mississauga City Centre

Sheridan College campus in the heart of Mississauga City Centre first phase of development in 2011, accommodates some 1,760 students. An additional 3,740 students will follow in phase two, bringing the potential student enrollment total to 5,000. The campus is located on a 8.5-acre parcel of land just north of the Living Arts Centre.

Great amenities at Mississauga City Centre

Mississauga Celebration Square is GTA’s one of the best public spaces-with well marked crosswalks; timed lights for pedestrians, not vehicles; slow moving traffic; and transit stops located nearby. Outdoor skating rink, children play area, outdoor cafes, vendor carts, fountain, markets, horticulture displays, art and sculpture etc. will help adapt people’s use of the space from one season to the next. During the summer months, Mississauga’s Celebration Square is transformed into an outdoor community centre alive with activities and events designed to attract more people to the City’s downtown core. Mississauga Celebration Square in Mississauga’s City Centre is the center of year around community events and celebrations. A mix of flagship events such as “Canada Day Event”; display lights strengthening square’s identity while highlighting entrances and pathways. Other activities like its famous “Carassauga”, “Rotary Ribs festival”, “Canada Day Event”, “MOSAIC-The festival of cultures” “Symphony under the Stars” and “Mississauga Marathon”.

Existing parks, new parklands and interesting places for people all ages at City Centre

Parklands are being developed in stages and bisected by roads during the week. Parklands will be planned as one continuous park stretching from the west side of the Living Arts Centre through to Rathburn Road at the boundary to Corpus Christi Elementary School. The Parkland’s path system will be multi-use and interconnect trails/pathways for walking, running, biking, and in-line skating and linked to  the existing transport infrastructure. Distances would be marked and loops created specifically to cater to runners’ training and competitions. Seniors will be able to walk in the covered parks, lighted walkways and structures.

Special intersection and roadway treatments will be used throughout the Mississauga city centre area to link public spaces and favour pedestrians over vehicles. Princess Royal, City Centre Drive and Prince of Wales will function more as pedestrian promenades that link the Square One Mall on the east to the parklands to the west. Intersections along Princess Royal (between Duke of York and Prince of Wales) will be designed as gateways where amenities (like public art, light fixtures, seating, directional signage, banners, trees, buskers and vendors) will be concentrated.

Small-scale retail will bring an added level of comfort and interest located near seating areas and the intersection of major pathways.

A Signature Park on the three-acre Daniels site; will be surrounded by retail, outdoor cafe, tea house, info kiosk, outdoor patio, fountain; and an active recreational area more oriented to young people using the existing Zonta Meadows Park. Daniels site will be both a highly visible public space and also a pleasing front yard for new residential buildings.

Mississauga City Centre Official PlanMississauga’s Official Plan is the plan for the city’s future including Downtown Mississauga. It is a roadmap to take us from where the city is today to where it will be tomorrow and over the next forty years. It is both a plan of ideas and a plan of actions. A busy, urban environment is envisioned for the public space in front of the planned Amacon’s Parkside Village Development between Confederation Parkway and Prince of Wales Drive. Town Centre will be most centrally located and a busy place in the park, it would be a place for eating, drinking, meeting people downtown, as well as for hosting receptions, parties, and arts and culture events and performances.Town Centre

Mississauga’s Rapid Transit Program

Mississauga’s Rapid Transit Program represents an innovative and strategic vision, designed to meet the challenges associated with future growth. The Mississauga segment of the BRT will benefit businesses, particularly offices in the City Centre and near Pearson International Airport, which is the second largest employment area in the GTA. The BRT network will offer local businesses and residents new options for commuting, while easing gridlock on our key highways and streets and ultimately improving air quality.

The Rapid Transit Program consists of two initial components: BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) along the Highway 403/Eglinton Corridor; and higher order transit such as BRT or LRT (Light Rapid Transit) along the Hurontario Street corridor.

 Mississauga City Centre – Reasons to live

Mississauga city centre offers many condominiums / condo high-rise apartment projects to choose from. With a detailed heads-up on what Mississauga City Centre is poised to be, now is the time to invest in the Mississauga City Centre area. Mississauga condos seem to be a great future affordable housing for first time buyers, newcomers and savvy real estate investors. The timing has never been better to own a condo in  Mississauga city centre, the interest rates are still low, condo prices are affordable and come at a price that are still very lower when comparing Downtown Toronto.

Mississauga’s Popular Condos

Already 7,800 units have been built in the downtown Mississauga, with 8,000 more in the application process and a potential 15,700 on the drawing boards. Amacon Development Inc. alone plans more than two dozen condominium towers of almost 6,000 units on 13 hectares of land to be phased in over 10 to 20 years, which will add another 12,000 people.

City Centre offers many new and resale luxury condominiums at Square One namely- Amica Mature Lifestyles condos, The Capital condos (North and South Tower), One Park Tower condos, Chicago condos, Daniel’s No. 1 City Centre Dr. condos, Davies Smith’s CityGate1 & 2, Solstice condos & lofts, Onyx condo and lofts, Limelight Condos,  Eve, Eden and Elle Condos, Fernbrook built Absolute Condos -Absolute One, A2, Absolute Vision, Absolute World 1 (dubbed as Marilyn Monroe) and Absolute  World 2, Tridel condos- Ovation I, Ovation II, Tridel Grand Ovation and Tridel Ultra Ovation, Widesuites Condos, Enfield Place, Webb Dr condominiums (Club I, The Monarchy, The Conservatory Group, Oblisk I, Odyssey, Phoenix, The Platinum) Towne Two Townhomes at Kariya and Elm Dr, Parkside Village (three towers), Grand Park Towers and The Astoria at Rathburn Rd.

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