A major revitalization project aims to transform the area around City Hall into a huge gathering place


This project, at an estimated cost of $40 million, will help Mississaugans to come together and celebrate year-round activities.

The concept attempts to link what are essentially two squares; the one in front of City Hall with the rinky-dink rink and the other beside the Mississauga Public Library. They are presently separated by the City Centre Dr. The merging of the two squares will result in one grand square!

Once completed, the area will host major events. Other features may include: a large open lawn, an extended art gallery, a redeveloped amphitheatre, a café on the square, a permanent concert and event stage, a marketplace and a glorified signature entrance to City Hall.

This project will act as a catalyst to the future of the downtown core. Further, this will definitely add value to the properties surrounding Square One Area. The new Civic Square already has thousands of current condo dwellers as its natural patrons. The City Centre will attract many more to its core.


Future projects may also include: revamping Square One and the sprawling surface parking lots that surround the mall adjacent to the City Hall.
The revitalization plan is one of the so-called "shovel-ready" projects Mississauga put forward for infrastructure funding from the federal budget. As per Madam Mayor Hazel McCallion, whether or not Ottawa helps out, Mississauga should consider finding money to make this happen because "the future of this great city" cannot be based on whether or not it gets outside help. She said the city would consider phasing in the project.

"If we use some good financial judgement, it can be done," said McCallion, adding that this was the one project that could get all residents of Mississauga to converge on city hall and make the square a place they can call their own.

The City Centre has seen significant residential growth over the past five years creating a more vibrant downtown. Revitalization of the square has been proposed following extensive public consultation. 


This project has incorporated the principles of placemaking. The design provides for one large square, an interactive water feature converting to a skating rink in winter, a permanent stage with performance infrastructure, a market area to support cultural events, upgrades to the amphitheatre to address deficiencies, a café on the Square and a new storefront location and street access for the Mississauga Art Gallery.

It is estimated that this project will create approximately 450 jobs.