Mississauga Liveability Report 2019

Best Places to Live: Canada Liveability Report by REMAX

The latest RE/MAX report examines various quality of life factors and how they impact Canadians’ home-buying decisions. 89% of Canadians would recommend their neighbourhood to others according to a recent survey by Leger.

Six-in-10 Canadians put easy access to shopping, dining and green spaces at the top of their liveability criteria. Proximity to public transit (36%), work (30%) and to preferred schools (18%), as well as cultural and community centres (18%) fall out of the top five neighbourhood wants and expectations.

The proximity and availability of these liveability factors is so important that Canadians spend more than two-thirds of their time in their own neighbourhood. This rate is higher among Baby Boomers compared to Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X Canadians.

Mississauga Liveabilty Report

Mississauga is Canada’s sixth-most populous city. Mississauga sits on Lake Ontario’s shore line, boasting of green spaces, parks and multi-culturism! The city is also the Canadian headquarter of many Fortune 500 companies. Mississauga’s growth can been attributed to its close proximity to Toronto and preferred suburb for people to call home.

Canadians are proud of the liveabililty factors of their neighbourhood – the qualities that give homeowners the true satisfaction of their home within the context of a neighbourhood. While you can always change your home, the neighbourhood cannot be changed, so it is important to assess what qualities are important to you before you buy a home or a condo. Luckily, when it comes to Mississauga, there is a lot of choice, including neighbourhoods with some of the top schools in Mississauga.

A recent survey of RE/MAX Brokers revealed that the best places to live in Mississauga are Port Credit, Streetsville and Cooksville, ranking as the top three neighbourhoods in Mississauga for access to green spaces, parks, walkability, retail, restaurants, ease of getting around and public transit. If you are searching for the best place to live in Mississauga, Lakeview ranks as the top hidden gem, while City Centre, Erin Mills and Cooksville rank as the top three neighbourhoods for affordability and a good supply of housing inventory.

Mississauga Listings

Mississauga Port Credit, Streetsville & Cooksville rank as top 3 neighbourhoods for access to green spaces, parks, walkability, access to retail stores, restaurants & public transit. Mineola, Lakeview rank as top hidden gems. Lakeview also ranks high in affordability. When it comes to affordability & housing supply, City Centre, Erin Mills & Cooksville top the list.

Mississauga Listings


In Toronto, the downtown core is top for proximity to public transit & walkability. For access to green spaces, Midtown has a variety of options like North Riverdale & Leaside. For walkability, Davisville, Yonge/ Eglinton & Leslieville are top. The Western Region of Scarborough is hidden gem offering great liveability & affordable housing. View Downtown Toronto Listings


Brampton neighbourhoods of Heartlake, Sandringham & Fletchers Meadow rank as top 3 for access to green spaces, walkability, access to retail shops/restaurants as well as public transit.  Sandringham also has high housing supply. Vales of Castlemore ranks as hidden gem due to housing affordability of its larger size property supply. View Brampton Listings


Meadowlands, Beasley & Sydenham rank as the top 3 neighbourhoods in Hamilton for access to green spaces, parks, walkability, retail, restaurants, ease of getting around by car & public transit. Sydenham ranks as the top hidden gem for its supply of both high rises & detached homes, attracting both retirees & growing families. View Ancaster Listings

Mississauga Liveability Report – Average Home Prices*

Average Home Prices in Mississauga in April 2019
Detached Home$1,115,033
Condo Townhouse$608,375
Condo Apartment$472,913
Link Home$778,660
Attached/ Row Townhouse$763,224

*Stats as per TREB April 2019 Market Watch Report

After the introduction of new mortgage rules, tightening of lending policies and a few interest rate hikes, home prices in the GTA (especially Mississauga & Toronto) which were at peak during the first quarter of 2017 went into a correction mode in 2018. TREB’s sales outlook for 2019 anticipates an increase in sales relative to 2018. So far, however, growth in new listings is not keeping pace with sales. This points to the ongoing housing supply issue in the GTA. Price growth continues to be driven by the condo apartment segment rather than detached home segments.

Condos at Square One in Mississauga represent an affordable housing option for most newcomers and first time buyers. Square One Mississauga represents a healthy condo market which is still affordable at the present moment with several resale condo and builder new condo opportunities for buyers whether they are end-users or investors

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Mississauga Liveability Report

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