Sell condo to buy house in Mississauga

Sell condo to buy house in Mississauga

There is a general trend that I come across every day when selling condos at Square One, Mississauga. It is common to see dwellers sell their condos and move into freehold properties in and around Mississauga.

People who fall in this category are young adults who bought their properties earlier when they were single or newly married.

After enjoying years of a luxurious lifestyle (swimming, gym, concierge’s meet and greet, party room, roof-top parties, BBQ events, to name a few), these condo lovers seek happiness in freehold lifestyles.

Many growing families sell condo to buy house in Mississauga

Sometimes their families grow and with children they feel the need to have more space. In other cases, friends and family visit from overseas and find it a tough squeeze in the compact condo space. Then there are those sellers who had not qualified to buy a freehold property in Mississauga, initially. They opted to buy a smaller, less expensive but well equipped condo apartment instead of renting (of course, they made a good choice by buying and not renting).

After a few years’ stay, they save up more, their properties increase in value and the equity growth helps them to switch to a freehold property. Some of them don’t sell their condos right then but choose to rent them out in Mississauga.


The big question is whether to sell condo first, of buy home first?

Call Amit for logical advice if you are planning to sell a condo to buy house in Mississauga

Thinking to sell your condo apartment and to buy a home?

Our Mississauga condo apartment market is currently in favour of the buyer. I often receive phone calls from desperate sellers to help find a buyer for their condos after having bought a home. Depending on the bank’s approval, some are unable to close their homes before selling their condos. This is the kind of situation when people panic and end up selling their condos for less than the market price.

There are always buyers for the right property that can be offered at the right price.

This is where I step in. I will be more than happy to talk to you if you are planning to buy a home or sell or rent out your condo. Before listing your condo for sale, I would be happy to spend time with you to go over the numbers, possibly take you out and guide you about what you can afford with your net equity (that is money left after taking care of your mortgage, real estate fees, lawyer expense and buying expenses of your future property (land transfer tax, home inspection, closing costs etc.)


Choose the right professional!

In order to sell a condo at Mississauga Square One at the market price or more, you need to select the right salesperson who knows the market well and works with a database of buyers.