Space saving is the name of the game

With so many shoe box size condos being built in the recent years, condo space planning is becoming crucial. There are some leading European companies who have taken the lead in modern space saving furniture.

Some of these companies are Clie in Italy and Sellex in Spain. Resource Furniture is one of their dealers in the US.

Resource Furniture may soon start their Canadian operations in our condo friendly cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Mississauga.

See Condo space saving YouTube video


Canadian builders/ architects are embracing space saving ideas 

Good news is that Canadian builders are listening to consumer needs, and we will see more space planning ideas/ furniture in the near future. Recently, I was impressed to see one of my clients’ condo at Chicago condominium building in Downtown Mississauga. Chicago condo studio suites have applied some of this space saving technology by introducing Murphy beds. This bed simply tucks into an amazing wall unit by a remote control. Go Canada Go!