Parkside New Condos at Square One

Parkside new condos in the heart of downtown Mississauga

Parkside New Condos – PSV and PSV 2 at 5% down

This is your chance to buy Parkside new condos (PSV and PSV 2) with as little as 5% down payment. PSV and PSV 2 Towers are under construction with occupancy slated within 12 months. This is a great time to buy Parkside New Condos and take advantage of the special builder promotion! Unlike any standard builder deal where you are asked to put down up to 20% before closing, you can now buy Parkside New Condos with only 5% down payment. This builder promotion helps you secure 95% mortgage loan from your bank, as long as you qualify.

Buy Parkside New Condos with Amit Kalia and he will get you a tenant for free

Parkside New Condos – Free Leasing Services For Amit’s Investor Clients!

Each year, I help my landlord investors find qualified tenants in Square One area.  My brokerage charges a fee of one month’s rent for this service. As a special promotion, my investor clients at Parkside new condos ( PSV 1 and PSV2 ) will receive a full refund of their tenant finding fees, the very first time they lease their condo through me.

Parkside New Condos – Who Should Buy

Baby Boomers 

This is a great opportunity for baby boomers who are thinking of either investing for their children, or thinking of downsizing themselves in the next 1-2 years. If you are thinking of downsizing, you can book your new condo now with as little as 5% down payment and benefit from the selling price as of today.  You can then sell your current property closer to the time of occupancy of your brand new condo, and benefit from the price appreciation there too!


Currently Square One Mississauga is enjoying low vacancy rates for rental units. Finding good tenants is also relatively easy given the type of demography downtown Mississauga is attracting. This trend is only expected to grow and continue with all the expansion and modernization that this neighbourhood is growing through. Learn about latest Mississauga real estate market update.

All buyers can buy Parkside New Condos with as little as 5% down payment, as long as they qualify to secure mortgage for the balance amount. However, international investors who may not have a credit history or a job, will need to invest 35% towards down payment.

Parkside New Condos – Why Buy with a VIP Broker or a condo focused Realtor

Enough has been said about the benefits in buying a builder new condo with a VIP Broker. To reiterate the key point, you are guaranteed to get best tips, terms and prices when you buy a builder new condo with a VIP Broker, as opposed to buying directly from the builder. You can read more about buying new condos in Mississauga.

I might be a VIP Broker at the Parkside project and at many other condo developments in Square One, but at the same time I work for my buyer clients and not the builder. I help users and investors with my unbiased advice and compare different projects on the market. I also compare resale condos with  builder condos to make sense of investing.

You can learn more about Parkside and view floor plans for PSV and PSV 2 in my PSV Condos blog post.

Parkside new condos at PSV and PSV 2 has limited inventory available!

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