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Port Credit – The alternate downtown core of Mississauga

Port Credit - Mississauga's waterfront community close to Toronto.Port Credit is one of Mississauga’s older Lakeshore communities with distinct and charming mix of a village main street, a port and a harbour. This south Mississauga community is located east of Lorne Park, west of Lakeview and south of Mineola.  The premier waterfront community can be divided into three areas – Port Credit Village covering Tall Oaks, Hiawatha Park & Memorial Park, Olde Port Credit Village covering west of the Credit River and Cranberry Cove covering area along the lakeshore next to Rhododendron Gardens.

Port Credit is a highly desirable neighbourhood and boasts of a history of over 300 years. It is the oldest village in Mississauga and hence comes with a vibrant mixed use of land. It has maintained its unique characteristic of a small urban village over the years.  It is quite different from other suburban neighbourhoods of Mississauga. It attracts both families and individual professionals, who either want to live closer to Toronto, or to enjoy the views it offers.

Port Credit is definitely a neighbourhood with a view, and what amazing sights at that. From endearing lake views to enchanting trails and parks, Port Credit is a paradise for nature lovers. After Celebration Square at City Centre (Square One), Port Credit is perhaps the other most vibrant core of Mississauga, with the added advantage of a waterfront and the iconic Port Credit lighthouse. What really sets this neighbourhood apart from other Mississauga neighbourhoods is the array of dining and entertainment options that it offers, against a backdrop of scenic beauty.

Port Credit Demography

Port Credit has a population of approx. 12,000 and the 5 leading ethnicities include: Canadian, English, Polish, Scottish, and Italian. Downtown Port Credit attracts young families, singles and working professionals. And then in the more expensive and isolated areas, one can find older and mature families. Port Credit offers unique and luxurious residential options, to suit the different needs of families looking to call this place home.

Port Credit – A community under revitalization

Port Credit - community undergoing revitalization as part of Our Future Mississauga plan“Our Future Mississauga Action Plan” lists “Recognize and revitalize our historical villages” as one of the action points, which includes: historical villages of Clarkson, Cooksville, Dixie, Erindale, Lakeview, Lorne Park, Malton, Meadowvale, Port Credit and Streetsville.

It further states that it is important to recognize these origins by conserving heritage building stock and enlivening the village areas. In the villages, we will enhance streetscapes, develop entrances and other public features that increase their identity, and other public investments that will differentiate them from the rest of the city. Other priorities include: promoting and protecting the pedestrian, cyclist and transit environments, ensuring that parks and open spaces are well connected and integrating the design of new construction with the community’s existing feel.

Five things to look for in a neighbourhood and how Port Credit compares

Port Credit Transit:

You are just minutes away from QEW and with the revitalization of Lakeshore it makes for any easier drive to Toronto. As a public transit commuter, you can take the GO at Port Credit Station and arrive downtown Toronto in 30 minutes. The Lakeshore GO line runs all day giving you easy access to Oakville and Toronto.

Schools in Port Credit:

The Port Credit Family of Schools offers some of the best schools in Mississauga. Elementary schools in the area include Riverside, Kenollie, Mineola, Forest Avenue and St. Dominic. The sole middle school in the area is Queen Elizabeth, and Port Credit is the secondary school serving this area.

Port Credit Walkability/ Accessibility:

Port Credit is one of the neighbourhoods in Mississauga where you can truly walk. As a popular entertainment and commercial hub, parking had been a concern for residents and visitors. To address this, the City of Mississauga has expanded on-street metered parking within the commercial district of Port Credit beginning September 1, 2016.

Expanding on-street metered parking will enable the City to manage the increasing demand for parking in the Port Credit area. It will also encourage parking space turnover which is beneficial for everyone – local businesses, residents and visitors,” explains Jamie Brown, Manager Municipal Parking.

The expanded parking is part of the implementation of the City’s Parking Strategy for Port Credit and Lakeview.

Parks & Nature in Port Credit:

The waterfront has two marinas – Credit Village and Port Credit Harbour with breathtaking views of Lake Ontario and the Credit River. There are several parks in the neighbourhood, including Tall Oak Park, Hiawatha Park and McMillan Park.  The Port Credit waterfront  trail passes 22 parks, Bradley Museum and Rattray Marsh which is one of the few wetlands along Lake Ontario. There are many restaurants along Lakeshore Rd. in the Port Credit area. St. Lawrence Park even displays some historic artifacts from the area’s industrial past.

Port Credit Area Features & Facilities:

Port Credit Area MapThe stretch of Lakeshore that runs through Port Credit is packed every weekend in Spring, Summer and Fall, with people thronging to indulge in shopping, dining, spas and events.

The area has over 60 restaurants, including cafes and patios offering gourmet pizza, burritos, wings, desserts and so much more. You can find the Toronto food scene that is hard to find elsewhere in Mississauga. Some pubs and lounges offer live music 7 days a week.

Throughout the year, Port Credit hosts various events like: live concerts, waterfront festival, jazz festival, busker fest, boat show and summer fairs. Angling, paddling, rowing and sailing are some of the popular activities in the Village on the Lake

Farmers Market is held every Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm from June to October.  The Port Credit Library offers programs like the Adult Book Club, Movie Discussion Club, Writers Group, Free Computer Assistance Program and Youth Programs.

Port Credit Go Station
Port Credit Mentor College
Port Credit a walkable neighbourhood
Port Credit Restaurants
Port Credit Parks

Top Things to See and Do in Port Credit

  • Charter Boats
  • Credit Village Marina
  • Fishing & the Great Ontario Salmon Derby
  • Old Credit Brewing
  • Port Credit Harbour & the Credit River
  • Harbour Marina
  • Heritage District
  • Yacht Club
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Canoe Club & the Don Rowing Club
  • Port Credit Lighthouse
  • Waterfront
  • Parks & Trails
Busker Fest at Port Credit
Waterfront park in Port Credit

Port Credit Real Estate

The majority of homes (about 54%) are between 25-50 years old. 35% are older than 50 years, and the balance are under 25 years old. Some homes are even 100+ years old, which offer a great opportunity to convert into custom-build homes. Over the past 15 years or so, Port Credit has been undergoing a major revitalization to public areas, which is influencing other new construction as well.

Port Credit real estate is no doubt expensive. The area offers a mix of rental apartments, condo apartments, luxury townhomes, older bungalow-style detached homes, semi-detached homes and multi-million dollar estate properties.

If you love condo lifestyle, there are a few options on the Lakefront, with some new, contemporary and expensive condo developments coming up. The price tags are quite high and with the major revitalization taking place at Port Credit and Mississauga lakefront, prices are expected to soar higher.

You can find a mix of historic homes, pre-war homes and cottages, and post-war suburban homes. If you are willing to live in an older home, you can expect to spend quite a bit on upgrades and renovations, unless you move into a fairly upgraded or renovated home.

One thing to bear in mind is that Port Credit is a very old neighbourhood and many zoning guidelines you see elsewhere in Mississauga, do not exist here. You can find luxury homes backing on to a rail road track or an old rental apartment building. Hence, you need to buy with an experienced Realtor, who can weigh the pros and cons for you, when buying in Port Credit.

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Curious about home values in Port Credit?

You can find both new and old properties. There are many types of homes in Port credit such as condo apartments, lake facing luxury condo townhouses and apartments, and many custom-built semis and detached homes.
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Port Credit – Current Real Estate Trends

Custom build Homes

port credit custom build homesPort Credit is one of the neighbourhoods where custom-build homes are becoming quite popular. There are a couple of factors leading to it. Baby boomers are looking to downsize from their large detached homes into smaller homes or condo apartments, mostly in the same neighbourhood, or even in other neighbourhoods of Mississauga.

Investors & Users are buying in Port Credit

With no new land available for building low-rise homes, users, investors and builders have their hawk-eyes set on older homes and neighbourhoods, waiting for any new listing to come up.

Buyers are seeing a lot of value in freehold properties thanks to the kind of price appreciation we are witnessing in this category. Homes are getting snapped up in a matter of minutes and there is a huge demand for homes closer to Toronto. Especially since Toronto prices are twice the price of homes on Port Credit. With just a 20 minute ride on the GO and a nice liveable plus walkable community, people from even Toronto are flocking to Port Credit to buy an old or a newer custom build home. Custom homes are being built by not only investors who are building them to sell for a profit, but also being built by users who build them to live in them.

So demand is definitely there. In terms of supply, a few older detached home sale listings do come up every now and then in Port Credit, and they are doubly attractive to investors and builders, here’s why:

The older homes are usually built on large lots, which can be taken down and replaced with two semi-detached homes or one large detached home. The math is simple. You may be able to buy an older home starting from $850,000.

Luxury townhouses and apartments in Port Credit

Apart from people moving into custom build homes, some people who prefer the charm of an older home, are also simply renovating the old homes with new floors, paint, upgrades to kitchen and washrooms. Then there are those who prefer to minimize the effort required in maintaining a home, and so they are switching to condominium living. It is not only the older demography who is making this switch but also young busy professional singles and families who do not have the time or the inclination to maintain a home. Port credit comes with some beautiful three-storey luxury townhouses and condominium apartments, many of which face Lake Ontario. People who love the convenience of condo living and want to enjoy both a luxurious lifestyle and scenic views of waterfront, Port Credit is the place to call home. Port Credit waterfront provides some of the best views of Lake Ontario.

If you are thinking of selling, as a SELLER, you stand to benefit from our experience in marketing and selling your property. If you are looking for an opportunity to BUY an older home in Port Credit or elsewhere in Mississauga to convert into a single or double residential units, we can simplify the whole process for you. We can help you buy at the best terms, and refer you with the right professionals from drawings to approvals to construction to banks to lawyers.

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