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Mississauga RealtorsAs Mississauga grows more and more diverse with different ethnic groups making it their home, the ability to work with diverse cultures is becoming increasingly important. The more you understand cultural differences with the help of an experienced Realtors, the easier it is to realize your real estate dreams.

Mind your language

Many Realtors® speak multiple languages. This helps us overcome translation and comprehension issues in real estate.

Team Amit Kalia members are fluent in several languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi. At the same time we work with many Canadian clients as well. We also represent clients of other ethnic groups such as Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and Philippino.

Appreciating and being aware of cultural difference is mandatory in today’s environment. For example, the concept of feng shui or vaastu shastra (home direction oe placement and science of shifting around furniture to balance energy in a home or work place) is important for many Asians and South Asians.

Modifying a home to suit the buyer client’s needs helps sell your property more easily. Many multi-generational families prefer to live together. Homes that allow secondary living accommodations such as suites on another floor can make it more attractive to those buyers. Some neighbourhoods that are heavy on certain ethnic groups may appeal to buyers from that community, especially if they are new immigrants.

Advertising in the right channels can also sell your home faster to target groups. Brokerages advertise listings in local Chinese, Indian, Pakistani publications. At such times, it helps to be aware of cultural preferences.

For example, the number “4” and “14” are inauspicious among the Chinese just as the number “13” is inauspicious for many Westerners. On the other hand property listings with the “lucky” seven may instantly strike a chord with them.

Having said that, it is also important to be non-judgmental! Each person comes with his/ her own ideas and viewpoints so it is important to avoid being presumptuous. Not all Italians may want to live in an Italian neighbourhood. Not all Indians may look into vaastu shastra! It pays to ask each client about their likes, dislikes, thoughts and views before pinning down homes for them. One cannot stereotype.

Greetings can turn around a business deal too.  Shaking hands with someone from the opposite sex in some cultures is considered improper for example. In others, not shaking hands is impolite.

Connecting beyond languages

People choose Realtors not just because they are comfortable with the language their realtors speak, but also several other factors such as referrals from friends and family. These days internet plays a crucial role too. Consumers go online to check out realtors before they start their buying and selling process. Facebook, Linkedin and Google reviews have made our world a smaller place. Consumers often look for common connections in Realtors or other service professionals.

Last but not the least, people opt for Realtors based on their name, market presence, local experience and expertise in addition to all of the above.

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