Relisting to Sell at a Higher Price

January 2024 is witnessing some gradual pick up in home prices, which is making some sellers wonder if they priced the home right, or if they should relist to sell at a higher price.

A word of caution is that relisting at a higher price does not imply over pricing your property. In any given market condition, a home will sell as per the prevalent trends. In 2021-2022 homes sold well over their asking price, which ultimately prompted the much needed market correction enforced through interest rate hikes and property appraisals. 2023 witnessed a softening in home prices as a direct result of this. Check out what home prices looked like across the GTA in December 2023 and the entire year.

In this post, allow us to present what relisting generally entails and weigh the pros and cons.

Relisting to Sell at a Higher Price – Is it Effective?

If your initial attempts to sell your home fall short, is it worth giving it another shot at a higher price? In today’s Canadian real estate landscape, selling a residential property can be challenging, whether due to the listing price or increased borrowing costs. In a more balanced housing market, relisting becomes a more common practice.

Relisting involves reintroducing a property to the real estate market after its initial listing.

Relisting is done for various reasons:

1. The initial listing period expires without a sale.
2. The property was under contract, but the deal fell through, necessitating a return to the market.
3. Sellers feel that the property was not priced correctly, or that the market has picked up in prices.
4. Sellers opt to make repairs or renovations before relisting for a better offer.
5. The seller chooses to relist at a different time based on market trends.

Does Relisting Work?

Relisting aims to find buyers and provide a second chance to sell a property.

Relisting at a higher price can be successful in certain situations. A property that lingers on the market unsold may develop a negative reputation. Sellers may take the listing off the market, reassess, and relist to avoid complications. However, this process requires tact, strategy, and diplomacy.

If a property has been stagnant on the market, relisting can make it appear fresh and new. As per RE/MAX, the desirable days-on-market (DOM) time is around 33 days, and if a property doesn’t sell within this period, relisting with a revamped look may attract more attention from potential buyers.

Cons of Relisting

However, there are risks associated with relisting at a higher price. It may create the impression that the property didn’t sell initially due to issues. Buyers might be hesitant to pay a higher price, and some may make lowball offers.

Pros of Relisting

Despite the risks, relisting offers advantages. It resets the days-on-market clock, presenting the property as newly listed, potentially attracting new buyers. Sellers get another chance to enhance the property’s appeal through repairs or renovations.

Relisting to Sell – Doing it Right

If you decide to relist at a higher price, ensure high-quality professional photos, a virtual tour, and clear outlines of the property’s features. Adjust your selling strategy based on previous responses to avoid a stale listing. Doing it right may attract a new group of homebuyers and increase the chances of a successful sale.

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