REMAX Liveability Report 2020 – Mississauga & Brampton Highlights

REMAX Liveabilty Report 2020

Most Canadians love their neighbourhoods

The latest REMAX Liveability Report 2020 explores some of Canada’s best places to live and what makes them so. Despite the fact that many local amenities and facilities have been closed for residents during the COVID 19 pandemic, it is still goes without saying that Canadians love their neighbourhoods. According to a Leger survey conducted prior to the outbreak, 82% of Canadians say they would sacrifice at least one desirable attribute in order to live in the neighbourhood they believe meets with their must-have requirements and 90% of Canadians love the neighbourhoods they live in.

Canadians believe that micro-economies and real estate have the resilience to be restored in the near future. Local pride will indeed be more important than ever in restoring life and real estate value post pandemic.

Liveability is about quality of life & affordability

The 2020 RE/MAX Liveability Report explores the qualities that each homeowner seeks in his or her preferred neighbourhood. It is not surprising that housing affordability comes in at the top at 61%, followed by:

  • Walkability (37%)
  • Proximity to work (34%)
  • Low density neighbourhoods (30%)
  • Proximity to transit (30%)
  • Access to green spaces/dog parks (30%)
  • People willing make at least one sacrifice to live in the neighbourhood that meets their liveability “must-haves” (82%)
  • People look on the internet (Google search) when looking for information about new neighbourhoods they are interested in moving to (72%)
  • 39% would ask a real estate agent
  • 38% would go by word of mouth
  • 15% would rely on news and market trends reported in the media

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REMAX Liveability Report 2020 – Spotlight on Mississauga

Mississauga real estate transactions have slowed slightly due to the impact of COVID-19, following a dramatic 56% spike in activity experienced between January and February 2020. Residential housing prices have remained stable, which RE/MAX attributes to high demand fuelled by the current housing inventory shortage and further fanned by the Bank of Canada’s latest interest rate decrease. Housing inventory challenges are expected to continue through the 2020 spring market.

Low inventory and housing affordability are expected to remain a concern for Mississauga home buyers, many of them described as either suburban families or those who have been priced out of other areas and are searching for an affordable compromise.

Some of the Most Liveable Neighbourhoods in Mississauga

Sheridan Park


Mississauga Core



Neighbourhoods with Amenities in Mississauga

Other popular neighbourhoods in the Mississauga region are Churchill Meadows and Central Erin Mills, given their proximity to big box stores, access to green space, proximity to public transit, proximity to health or medical services, and access to bike lanes and walking paths. Homes found in these neighbourhoods are prominently semi-detached or detached.

Mississauga’s Future 

Liveability in Mississauga is high, and this is expected to stay consistent over the next three to five years. The infrastructure to sustain and enhance liveability has been in place for a long time – we expect this to continue to be maintained and give residents a well-rounded place to call “home.”

City Centre

Downtown Mississauga at City Centre

Condo Living at City Centre

Live in hi-rise Square One condo buildings in downtown Mississauga, close to Civic Square, Square One Shopping Mall, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Civic & Sports Hall of Fame.

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Hurontario, Mississauga


Mixed urban living

New condos also available

Hurontario is situated between Hwy 403 in East, Mavis St in West, Hwy 403 in South & Hwy 401 in North. It offers affordable homes & condos. Heartland area boasts of outlet stores.

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Applewood, Mississauga


Life close to charming parks and trails

Close to the main streets of Bloor, Dixie and Dundas.

Applewood offers many condo apartments and older homes with easy access to major highways and Dixie GO. Proximity to Toronto is a big plus for people living in this neighbourhood.

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Rathwood, Mississauga


Home to some of the top schools

Mature and family-oriented

Rathwood is a mature neighbourhood located north of Burnhamthorpe Rd, east of Mississauga City Center and south of Eastgate Parkway. It offers a good mix of housing: old, renovated and newer built.

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Sheridan, Mississauga


Luxury, custom and beautiful homes

Grand, impressive and peaceful

Elegance is the word for this very desirable area in Mississauga with luxury homes. It can be broken down into three areas: Sheridan Homelands, Sherwood Forest and Mississauga Road.

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Streetsville, Mississauga


Historic village in a Scenic Backdrop


Community activity & parades mark Streetsville which includes Vista Heights, Creditview & Riverview. It offers expensive homes by the river, older homes & townhouses. Streetsville GO.

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REMAX Liveability Report 2020 – Spotlight on Brampton

Home buyers in Brampton are usually suburban families seeking affordable and larger homes. Brampton is a culturally diverse city and the third-most populous city in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, behind Toronto and Mississauga.

Some of the Most Liveable Neighbourhoods in Brampton

Queen Street Corridor
Kennedy Road South
Downtown Brampton
Brampton South
Central Park
Brampton East
Heart Lake West
Fletcher’s Creek South

Most Affordable Neighbourhoods in Brampton

Bramalea, Sandringham-Wellington and Heart Lake are considered Brampton’s most affordable neighbourhoods. These areas feature townhomes, semi-detached and detached homes. These neighbourhoods offer green spaces, public transit, good schools, and health services.

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Brampton’s Future

Continued improvement in Brampton’s liveability aspect is expected in the next three to five years. It is expected that there will be more townhomes and semi-detached homes built, which are more affordable compared to single-detached homes.

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