Renovating Mississauga Condo – Top Six Factors to Consider

Renovating Mississauga Condo to enjoy or to sell

Renovating Mississauga Condo is something that people usually undertake in the Spring or Summer time frame. Renovations can be big or small based on the age of the condo and the objective behind the renovations. If a homeowner wishes to make improvements to their condo townhouse or condo apartment to enjoy for themselves, then renovations could be extensive, like finishing a basement in a condo townhouse or upgrading the kitchen and washrooms, or updating the floors.

If the objective is to prepare the condo to sell, renovations could include fresh coat of paint, changing the counter top and back splash in the kitchen, and even upgrading the washrooms or floors, again depending on the current condition. Sometimes, it is wise to get a pre-listing inspection done if you want to sell your property for sure. This helps identify must-do renovations.

However, regardless of whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your condo for your own benefit or are preparing it for the hot Mississauga real estate market, here the the top factors you should keep in mind when renovating Mississauga condo, as this involves dealing with and obtaining necessary approvals from your condominium corporation.

1. Ensure that you are fully aware of your condo corporation’s Rules and Regulations around renovations

Most corporations have a set of rules that deal specifically with permissible and non permissible items when renovating Mississauga condo. And this is all but fair as living in a condo means your unit is joined with other units and the level of noise or construction materials going in and out of the condo can cause inconvenience to those residing in the building, or living next to you. They clearly indicate the types of renovations that condo unit owners can undertake and if there any specific or mandatory requirements to be met. For example, some corporations require an upgraded under padding installed under hardwood or laminate floors.

Installation of under padding helps control noise from filtering into other units. Some other corporations provide a specific time frame in which any renovation is permitted. In certain condominium buildings, corporations do not allow construction on Sundays or late in the evening. This is to allow all unit owners enjoy a peaceful day off, or a relaxed evening when they come back home
from work.

2. Confirm if any renovations fall under the Condo Corporation mandate

If you live in a condo townhouse, then certain things like roof or window maintenance may well be the responsibility of your condo corporation. If there are any issues, put in a request with your corporation as soon as you become aware for them.

3. Inform your property manager about your planned renovations.

If the renovations are relatively minor, you may not need an approval from the Board of Management. However, it never hurts to ask. And if your property manager is well informed, then he or she can communicate to your neighbors or inform the other residents of the building about the works being done in your unit and the approximate time frame it will be done in. Since it is a kind of community that you are living in, clear communication is always helpful. Even you would appreciate knowing when some construction work being done on your neighbor’s unit will be completed – as simple as that.

4. Building plans, permits and agreements.

If you are planning a larger renovation it is important to take into account the Ontario building code and applicable building by-laws for your municipality in addition to the approval from your condo corporation. Certain alterations to a condo unit may require you to get into a legal agreement with the condo corporation. You may be required to register this agreement on the title of the unit at the local land registry office. Make sure you go by the book, as you do not want to get into any legal hassles.

5. Select an insured contractor

First an foremost, you need to be clear on all the works you want a contractor to undertake when renovating your Mississauga condo. Set aside a budget (remember to always keep some buffer for going slightly over). Next interview a couple of contractors and get a quote from them. Select a qualified contractor who has all the necessary certifications and is properly insured with a liability insurance and a WSIB clearance certificate. If a contractor comes recommended by friends or family, or even your condo corporation that’s even better.

6. Dispose off the garbage appropriately

Don’t overlook this important aspect. It costs money to get rid of all the old material and packaging or left over new material. Talk to the contractor and see if they will take care of this as part of the full contract. Don’t just assume that the condo garbage or recycling facility will take all your waste. There may be a limit on the amount of waste they can take, or there may be a charge associated with it.

Once you ensure that all of the above points have been taken care of, renovating your property will become an easier process for you. Then you can sit back and enjoy the features of your renovated condo, or sell your condo with confidence. End of the day, renovating Mississauga condo can be a rewarding experience and investment for you.

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