Home Warranty: Buying or selling Mississauga resale homes or condos with Home Systems & Appliances Warranty

Amit Kalia offers resale home warranty to buyer and sellers in MississaugaLet me introduce a unique One Year  Systems & Appliances Home Warranty. I am also offering this home warranty program to all my buyers and sellers.

Peace of Mind and Protection!

Appliance warranty makes sense for a home, but why go in for a major systems warranty for a condo?

You may already know that in most condominiums, the owners are responsible for everything that is inside the property. This is explained in more detail as per individual building condominium declaration but usual practice is that if a major system problem (heating, cooling, plumbing etc.) can be traced to an individual apartment, then that apartment should resolve the problem.

But if issues relate to common elements of the building, then it is a considered to be the condominium corporation’s responsibility.

When does the Home Systems & Appliances Warranty kick in?

The home warranty starts 15 days from the date of signing my listing. It is then transferred to the new buyer, at no cost and it ends one year from the date of closing. *Refer to to policy wording for terms, limitations and exclusions.

Benefits for Sellers & Buyers

According to the National Home Warranty Association, warranty-protected homes sell 50% faster. Sellers who plan to list their properties can avail of this unique homes warranty program and gain peace of mind.

Home buyers are not ready for surprises with home major system or appliance issues immediately after moving in. They would rather spend their money on other new home buying related expenses like furnishing etc. As per Gallup, 80% of home buyers would rather buy a home with a warranty.

Thinking of buying or selling?

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