Considerations before Running Business from Your Condo

Here are some key considerations for you!

The number of self-employed Canadians are on the increase with some even operating their businesses straight out of their homes. However, condos building have their own bylaws, rules, and regulations regarding running a business from home, and it is the responsibility of every condo owner to check on any restrictions. These rules are put in place to ensure that such businesses do not disturb the residents in the building, unless yours is a live and work condo unit in Mississauga. Hence before you set up shop, here are some important questions that you need to ask yourself, if you are thinking of operating a business out of your regular condo apartment or condo townhouse.

Will clients & visitors be coming in?

If your business requires a steady flow of visitors to the building, whether they are employees, clients, or delivery personnel, this may be not permitted at some condo buildings. Other building residents could also complain to the building management about visitor parking space being taken up or elevator wait times being too long.

Does your work create a lot of noise?

No one would really have a problem if your work involves working on computers. However, if your business creates lots of noise, such as providing music lessons, or running a daycare, you could end up annoying your neighbours.

Is your municipality zoned for your specific business?

It is imperative to ensure that your specific home business complies with municipal bylaw restrictions. For instance, you may not be allowed to sell physical goods out of your condo townhome or apartment.

Please be prudent and consult with the condominium corporation before setting sail on any kind of business from your condo residence.

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