Home Closing InsuranceHome closing insurance means peace of mind!

At times real estate transactions can get somewhat complicated.

The real estate transactions may not close, for various reasons like buyer or lender backing out. There could be technical glitch like documents not reaching lawyers in time or getting lost.

Someimes, a tenant may not move out of a property that is supposed to be handed over as vacant possession.

Often delay causes problems of its own, say if a seller does not close, the buyers in turn may have sold their previous house and may not have a place to move in or put their belongs, if their new home does not close in time.

There can be many additional expenses as a result of delayed closing, e.g. utility expenses, property taxes, insurance, interest on bridge loans etc.

An easy way to protect yourself as real estate buyer or seller is to work with a Realtor who offers The SafeClose™ Home Closing Insurance Protection Program.

SafeClose Home Closing Protection

This protection is now being offered to all my buyers and sellers in the GTA, at no cost. 

The SafeClose Home closing insurance* covers the additional expenses that other insurance coverage does not take care of, in the event of a delayed closing during a real estate transaction.These include temporary accommodation, living expenses, bank fees, legal fees, moving, storage, and other incidental costs potentially adding up to thousands of dollars as costs!Safe Close Home Closing Insurance covers up to $25,000 total protection coverage up to 180 days from the original day of closing.* Refer to policy wording for terms, conditions, limitation and exclusions.

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