Square One Condo Market January 2017

Square One Condo Market January 2017 – Prices at an all time high!

Square One Condo Market January 2017 is drastically different from the same time last year. In fact, even in Spring of 2016 we hadn’t witnessed any spike in Square One Mississauga condo prices.

In April 2013, I had sold a unit at Solstice condos at 225 Webb Drive for $248,000. The price increased by 5.5% per year from 2013 to 2016. This is how the Square One real estate market had been behaving for the past 10 years or so. But surprisingly, Square one condo prices have jumped as high as 10% on an average in the past six months alone. I am expecting this trend to continue well through 2017.

A Spike in Square One Condo Prices

Square One condo prices started seeing a spike sometime in late Spring/ early Summer of 2016. There has been no looking back since. Square One condo prices have grown substantially in the past one year, by about 15%. Case in point, my team recently sold a suite at 225 Webb Drive at full price for $289,000, that too within 5 days of listing!  The condo suite is 630 sq ft in size, bringing the current price of a Square One condo unit to $458 per sq ft.  There are a lot of other things to know when we talk about price per square foot. But this is definitely one of the record sales price for a Square One condo for sale.

This 225 Webb Drive condo has been purchased by one of our own buyer clients. This is not typical but happens often. We list many condos for sale in Downtown Mississauga. We also have a huge database of buyer clients who are looking to buy their first home or condo, or a second investment home or condo. When we are able to match the needs of our buyer clients with one of our own listings, we represent both the property seller and the buyer. However, we promise fair market value for both our seller and buyer clients. And market conditions control the fair market value of a Mississauga home or a condo for sale.

Selling Square One Condos – Square One Prices by Condo Buildings

BldgTypical UnitAvg. Sold Price 2008Avg. Sold Price 2016Avg. Rent (monthly)  2016
225 Webb Dr1 BR+1, 1 WR$210,000$273,000$1,550
225 Webb Dr2 BR, 2 WR$300,000$374,000$1,900
250 Webb Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$212,000$299,000$1,800
325, 335 Webb Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$216,000$304,000$1,750
350 Webb Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$202,750$285,250$1,850
350 Webb Dr3 BR+1, 2 WR$216,000$305,000$1,850
400 Webb Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$208,000$305,000$1,700
550 Webb Drive2 BR, 2 WR$214,250$327,500$1,900
3880, 3888  Duke of York1 BR+1, 1 WR$215,000$263,000$1,500
3880, 3888  Duke of York2 BR, 2 WR$273,000$342,000$1,800
3880, 3888  Duke York2 BR+1, 2 WR$306,000$373,000$1,950
3880, 3888  Duke York3 BR+1, 2 WR$335,000$479,000$2,300
310 Burnhamthorpe Rd2 BR+1, 2WR$278,000$360,000$1,850
310 Burnhamthorpe Rd2 BR+1, 2WR$298,000$385,000$1,900
220 Burnhamthorpe Rd2 BR+1, 2 WR$274,000$330,000$1,900
220 Burnhamthorpe Rd1 BR+1 2WR Lft$272,000$320,000$1,775
3939 Duke of York1 BR+1, 2 WR$219,000$299,000$1,650
3939 Duke of York2 BR+1, 2 WR$270,000$360,000$1,900
1 & 33 Elm Dr2 BR, 2 WR$226,500$312,000$1,700
4080-4090 Living Arts Dr1 BR+1, 1 WR$210,000$262,000$1,550
4080-4090 Living Arts Dr2 BR, 2 WR$250,000$325,000$1,825
4080 -4090 Living Arts Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$292,500$360,000$2,000
320 City Centre1 BR, 1 WR$200,000$280,000$1,500
BldgA Typical UnitAvg. Sold Price 2010Avg. Sold Price 2016Avg. Monthly Rent 2016
388 Prince of Wales1 BR, 1 WR$224,000$276,500$1,575
388 Prince of Wales2 BR, 2 WR$310,000$366,500$1,900
388 Prince of Wales2 BR+1, 2 WR$330,000$387,750$1,900
BldgA Typical UnitAvg. Sold Price 2011Avg. Sold Price 2016Avg. Monthly Rent 2016
223 Webb Dr1 BR, 1 WR$228,000$253,000$1,500
223 Webb Dr2 BR, 2 WR$330,000$357,000$1,700
223 Webb Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$364,000$392,000$1,950
BldgA Typical UnitAvg. Sold Price 2012Avg. Sold Price 2016Avg. Monthly Rent 2016
335 Rathburn Road W2 BR, 2 WR$325,000$355,500$1,800
BldgA Typical UnitAvg. Sold Price 2013Avg. Sold Price 2016Avg. Monthly Rent 2016
3515 Kariya Dr1 BR, 1 WR$240,000$253,400$1,450
3515 Kariya Dr2 BR+1, 2 WR$338,750$353,000$1,875
360 & 370 Square One Dr1 BR+1, 1 WR$280,950$296,500$1,600
BldgA Typical UnitAvg. Sold Price 2014Avg. Sold Price 2016Avg. Monthly Rent 2016
365 Prince of Wales2 BR, 2 WR$384,000$395,000$1,925
4065 Brickstone Mews1 BR+1, 1 WR$267,000$275,000$1,650
4070 Confederation Pkwy2 BR, 2 WR$363,000$374,000$1,850
4070 Confederation Pkwy2 BR+1, 2 WR$429,000$414,000$1,950
BldgA Typical UnitAvg. Sold Price 2015Avg. Sold Price 2016Avg. Monthly Rent 2016
3985 Grand Park Dr1 BR, 1 WR$259,500$269,000$1,550
3985 Grand Park Dr1 BR+1, 1 WR$275,000$292,500$1,650
4099,4065 Brickstone Mews1 BR, 1 WR$248,000$252,000$1,500
4099,4065 Brickstone Mews1 BR+1, 1 WR$265,000$273,000$1,560
4099,4065 Brickstone Mews2 BR, 2 WR$325,000$349,000$1,850
4099,4065 Brickstone Mews1 BR, 1 WR$386,000$405,000$1,950
These prices are for reference only and should not be taken as suggested sales price for your condo.

Prices for 2016 are up until end of August.

Square One Condo Listings For Sale

Here are some of our other Square One condo for sale listings: a 2-bedroom, 2-washroom condo suite at 330 Burnhamthopre Rd W, a 2-Bedroom, fully renovated suite at 33 Elm Drive and a 2-storey live and work condo apartment at 3939 Duke of York.

Square One Condo Market in 2017

$450-$470 per sq ft is the trending price range for newer Square One condos in January 2017. In my opinion, we can expect this to grow by 1% to 2% each month in 2017. It will be interesting to watch how our prices will grow in 2017. I will not be surprised if we see our resale prices touch $500 to $550 price per square by the end of 2017.

Some Sold Square One Condos in 2016

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