Square One Condos Information – Myth about online condo reviews and ratings!

Square One Condos – Inside Information is Crucial

There is a plethora of online information regarding Square One condos. While most of it is definitely useful, how can you be sure that you are getting the right picture on the condo building you plan to call home? You need to be a bit wary of the sites that offer condo ratings. After all, these ratings can be based on writer’s own views, censored user views, ratings on architecture, lobby design, size of suites, amenities, builder reputation and so on. All fair and good here! But, these ratings don’t take into account inside information about condo buildings at Square One. Some issues might have cropped up in a few of these buildings once or twice in the past, or could be repeating occurrences. Market does not want to talk about some of these issues in the open. Often public reviews are censored to protect the image and popularity of the building, builder or the agent promoting the condo resales or builder condos in a pre-construction condo project.

Square One Condos Information – What should you look out for

Choosing a neighbourhood and shortlisting condo buildings in Square One or anywhere in Mississauga is a decision you make based on your specific requirements. For choosing the right Square One condo building, you need to look beyond what meets or pleases the eye. You need to ask questions that go beyond what’s promoted or stated in the real estate listing.

So what could be some potential issues in Square One condos?

Some issues are just one-off occurrences, which could happen any where, be it a condo, or a home, in the Square One area, or elsewhere in Mississauga. While these issues cause brief (or prolonged) discomfort to its residents, they are usually fixed or addressed in the best possible way by the condo management. These issues could include: minor or major fires, flooding, problems with elevators, issues with heating and cooling etc.

Then there are issues that could keep coming back, like roaches. There could be some permanent issues like insufficient visitors parking. A rare occurrence, but if a crime gets committed at one of the buildings, or a unit, it is labelled as a “stigma property”.  Sometimes there are instances of criminal activities that make some buildings unpopular.  Experienced local Realtors know about such issues and also make it a point to inform their buyers of such issues. In fact, knowledgeable local buyer realtors point out things that buyers should ask their lawyer to look for in the status certificate, before firming up the deal.

Making the most of Square One Condos Information

Please know that the purpose of this article is not to scare, but to educate you as a prospective buyer! A listing broker always works to protect his or her client’s best interest, and may not disclose information that could potentially jeopardize the sale of a condo unit or the image of that condo building. As a buyer, you need to be sure to ask the right questions. You need to have your own buyer agent represent you (buyer realtor), as opposed to directly working with the listing broker. More importantly, you need to choose and work with a real estate professional who has local experience and knowledge about Square One condos. Their experience will allow you to gain from inside information on each of the condo buildings that you are considering.

End of the day, condo living is no longer a lifestyle choice, but a forced reality for many first time buyers due to affordability. And this phenomena is true for any major city in Canada, and even world wide. In fact, Square One condos are poised for great growth in the coming years.

As a local Mississauga Realtor Team, we have helped so many clients buy their first, second or even third condo at the popular downtown City Centre area. Contact Team Amit Kalia if you are looking to buy a condo at Square One.

Square One Condos Information – Sellers should know what to expect

A well-presented and updated condo suite will always attract a lot of buyers. Sellers need to do their part in ensuring that their Square One condo is in top shape. It is bound to generate interest from buyers, even if there are some issues that are outside the control of the seller. It is always best to be transparent about any concerns both with your seller agent as well as the buyer agent. Contact us if you are looking to sell condo in Square One and we will discuss options to have your suite sold.